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You received 2 Law cards and 2 God cards in this reading. You will receive an important communication – maybe this reading. Nature is the source of your re-energizing so you have to go out in it regularly. That’s what wild heart is about.

Therefore Natural Law should come easily to you because you relate more to animals and nature than people – hence the dog – as well. The Dog is God spelled backwards and you can sink down into your heart and speak to animals telepathically. We used to know Natural Law because we were more attuned to our animal natures. Animals have these freedoms and we are animals before we are human.

*Now, regarding The Law of Mentalism and The Law of Polarity,of the Natural Law booklet* Loyalty and the Golden Rule. You have to realize that these principles apply on 3 planes – the spiritual plane which is the plane of Causation, the mental plane which is both in effect of the Spiritual Plane but also a causal plane and the physical plane which is the plane of effects.

I recently updated the Booklet, so I recommend that you download the latest copy as I go into much detail about how to apply the 8 Laws to the Mental Plane and especially to the Subconscious Mind in Appendix F.

Here’s the link again:

The fact that you received The ALL card and the Law of Polarity, Loyalty and the Golden Rule specifically though says that you must watch your thoughts and get rid of all negative thoughts through practice of prayer and refusing them – this is reflected in the Law of Polarity.

The Law of Mentalism: “While All is in THE ALL, it is equally true that THE ALL is in All. To him who truly understands this truth hath come great knowledge.”–The Kybalion

The All is mind; The Universe is Mental.- The Kybalion

The Law of Polarity, the 4th Law; “Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has Its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.“
–The Kybalion.

These 2 Laws are telling you that you as we are made in the image of the Creator, our minds are creators as well. Our minds are Creators just as the All is The Creator. So, we have to be very careful what we put in it.

However this does not mean that we should not look at the Truth and see what is really going on even if it is ugly. We must look at the Truth, but we must raise our frequency so that we are big enough Spiritually to handle the Truth. When one suffers, all suffer because we are all connected, and we must know the Truth of that suffering. Knowing that and containing it by raising our vibration, will begin to bring about the necessary change.

The Law of Polarity – black/white, sad/happy, up/down, hot/cold, light/dark – are each the same but only differ in degree. To someone who is from Northern Europe – 93 degree days in the Colorado summer might seem like terribly uncomfortable whereas it would be fine for a Coloradoan who would not be able to stand the 120 degrees of Arizona in the summer. Therefore – hot is different to these 3 people from these 3 places. What this means is that once we seize control of our thoughts, we can change, using our will, or God’s Will, through prayer, the flavor of what we experience by interchanging it – with some discipline, willingness and practice, thereby gaining control of our moods, and hence, our reality. and how we behave in the world.

Once we solidify the thought into a word – that has power to cause and effect in the physical. The question in this reading, is of Loyalty. Loyalty to the negative or the positive? Loyalty to God or to evil? Loyalty to your Animal Nature or to man’s law. You are of Nature but we have all been living in man’s world for too long and have forgotten who we really are.

Hence the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have others do unto you – Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

This reading is suggesting you get back to Natural Law and carry it into the world – into the Macrocosm.

The Auragraph:

The Setting: The sun is on the right therefore this is a mirror image of you presently.

You are a Mermaid: You sit in the arms of your Higher Self. As a mermaid, you are obviously very psychically in-tune and prefer the water to land. Especially now. This of course means you must strive for brain balance.

That is our challenge. We are given a certain set of talents and then we must strive to train ourselves to balance those talents with their opposite – so as mermaids we must learn to run and jump and live on the land and breathe the air of the land. We must balance and integrate our human side with our intuitive side.

Your eyes are raised: In reverence to God. God is your source and who you look to.

Your arms are the arms of your Higher Self: This means that you are very connected to your Intuition and act upon intuition carrying out the will of your Higher Self.

Your right hand reaches up to a swirling sun. Your masculine side – manifestation side is strong.

Your left hand draws out the spiraling turbulence / and it is your Higher Self holding you.

In the water, 2 sets of waves, at which you stare, create tumultuous whirlpools. This is very interesting and it shows that your subconscious mind, your Feminine side, has a mistaken belief that it’s a good idea to stir the pot… Hence: The Law of Mentalism, The Law of Correspondence, Law of Vibration, The Law of Rhythm, The Law of Polarity, The Law of Cause and Effect, The Law of Gender, The Law of Care – all in action – for the negativeyou are very powerful – and sometimes you create a lot of problems for yourself by misusing your power… The tumultuous waters are created by your mental powers,
impregnating the water with your thoughts! I am going to share that Appendix F here – because it is so relevant to this reading:

A Brief summary of the Natural Laws, plus the lost Law of Care and How To Begin To Apply Them To The Great Mental Plane download here

Above your left shoulder behind you a dove of peace flies through the air with an olive branch with 12 leaves on it. It’s flying from the masculine side to the feminine side – so to impregnate the subconscious with peace and the Power of thoughts>emotions>actions – the Trinity.

**The Dove of Peace: **The dove represents peace because they mate for life and they are gentle. They were first domesticated in Ancient Egypt – the source of Natural Law principles.
The Olive branch: After the Great Flood, Noah sent the dove out to find land and it returned with the olive branch. This shows that you can bring peace to yourself and others when you keep your thoughts focused on God. Maybe there is some spiritual work you need to do to ferret out that need to stir up trouble.

12 leaves:
The number 1 is the number of the initiating force from God which is Intuition. The number 2, is the Magician who channels that God-force energy into Will. The Feminine and the Masculine. I know, in the Tarot it is the other way but that is because the knowledge was occulted. In the patriarchy, it cannot be admitted that the Feminine Principle comes first from the ALL as it comes down into duality, but it is so – in 0-9 Vortex math which is the true math of earth. 0 is God, 1 is the High Priestess and 2 is the Magician equaling 3, The Empress pregnant and ready to give birth to the Son… or in other words – the Holy Trinity – Intuition informed Thoughts plus Emotions equals Actions – 0 + 1 +2= 3

The number 12 then represents the ingredients of the impregnated womb of Creation; flying through the Air – which is mind: Mentalism. The ALL.

12 in the Tarot is the Hanged Man which is the card of supreme sacrifice. We sacrifice the Ego and are Loyal to God as in the Oracle Reading. 12 is the number of Female and Male energies which must be reconciled and balanced. I went into such detail with this symbol of the Dove to show you how much more powerful the light is than the dark but we do have the power as Creators to block the light with our trivial cobwebs and lint that we stir up, if that makes sense. Even trivial negativity can block us off from the Light even though the Light is so much more powerful. That is because WE are the Creators and we forget who we are at times.

It seems that although generally you are very connected, you still struggle with negative thinking and it probably comes from childhood which is why it is so powerful – those first 7 years of brain development when we usually learn the very worst stuff is more powerful than any of the work that we do and it is our challenge.

This is what is needed now in the world. We have to raise our vibration and hold it. We cannot allow our fear to get the better of us. We have to root out the things in our own nature which cause us to have these fears and then we have to stride forward in Courage. We must know that even if we don’t have the power to pull off the impossible, God does – but God is a gentleman and He waits for us to ask Him.

A very great influence in my life once told me** “God loves us so much that He will let you starve to death.”** That means I have FREE WILL to ask for the help.

We must humble ourselves over and over and ask for the help – even if it is a thousand times a day. We can never allow a negative thought to take hold – we must ask “God please remove this”. Even in the times we face today – in our world – we have to know that God is in charge and what we are seeing in our world is the result of many minds that are unattended to. As within, so without. So it is our job as Lightworkers to take hold of our thoughts, clean up the wreckage of our past and lead by example.

I feel that a good talisman for you would be:


I experience Divine Love at every moment and I love and respect myself as a child of God in all my thoughts and activities.

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