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What is the Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code was created by Chiropractor, Dr. Bradley Nelson during his 30 years of practice. Utilizing Chinese Medicine, Prayer & Magnets, it is a way of finding and releasing trapped emotions using applied kinesiology to discover the imbalance and trapped emotions. Listen to the Free Audiobook & Learn yourself!

What is the Body Code?

The Emotion Code and the Body Code are tools that simply and easily locate trapped energies and imbalances in the body, and then help to release them. The Body Code builds on the Emotion Code. It is by restoring balance to the  energies in your body, we can help create a state where your natural healing abilities can function optimally. Our bodies know what we need physically and emotionally. I use the Emotion Code and the Body Code to tap into that inner knowledge and empower the body to thrive.

What is the Belief Code?

The Belief Code is the trifecta of both The Emotion Code and The Body Code. Often there is a belief that underlies the trapped emotion and the physical imbalance. It is the root. Not removing it, root and branch, means that it is likely that the imbalances will return because the belief will make that happen. The Belief Code utilizes both the Emotion Code and The Body Code in the clearing process. First we take time to discover the negative programs caused by the Belief, the limiting beliefs and the faulty core belief system and potentially the faulty core identity deep in the subconscious mind. Then we clear any trapped emotions holding the Belief System in place, along with energetic imbalances that have been caused by the trapped emotions and the Belief System and then we release the Belief System, itself.

Which Should You Use ?

Many issues have root causes based in an imbalance. One of the most common types of imbalances stem from unexpressed, or trapped, emotions. Trapped emotions show up frequently when I test clients for imbalances, and these have been seen to cause a wide range of issues both emotional and physical. These Trapped Emotions are discovered and addressed with the Emotion Code. If you feel that your issues may be rooted in Trapped Emotions, the Emotion Code is a perfect place to start!

The Body Code builds on the Emotion Code, expanding on the types of imbalances it can address. The Body Code is designed as a very simple way to ask the subconscious mind what other underlying imbalances there may be, including trapped emotions, but it also extends to other types of imbalances such as those from pathogens, nutritional deficiencies, toxicity, structural imbalances, circuitry imbalances (such as chakras or acupuncture meridians), and more.

The Belief Code is the Trifecta! It uses both the Emotion Code and the Body Code to clear limiting beliefs which hold the imbalances in place. I have found the holistic success using this modality.

I offer an Introductory Session to the Emotion Code & Body Code , in which we can talk and find out the solution best suited for you.

Information on Sessions:

Sessions are 1 hour in length and of that hour, 30 minutes are spent actually energetically finding, resetting, and clearing imbalances. The remaining time is for talking. We must be careful not to make too many adjustments in one session otherwise the body can be overwhelmed by the session and that can cause an imbalance. When I release a lot of trapped emotions, for example, the body has to adjust for the new space created. Sometimes the immune system wakes up and realizes it has a lot to do. To avoid these issues, we limit the actual release to 30 minutes.

Introductory Session: $45 for a 1-hour phone appointment

The Introductory Session includes time for you to ask questions, including to determine which modality is best suited for your needs, and a mini-healing session using the Body Code.

If you have experienced emotional or childhood trauma, have had difficulty finding your mission in life, have low immune system function, consistently find yourself in unsatisfactory & abusive relationships, you may have a Heart Wall.  A Heart Wall can form when the subconscious mind decides that the situation is not allowing for emotions to be processed and in order to protect the heart it uses those unprocessed trapped emotions as a protective shield against further emotional pain. More information on the Heart Wall here.

Single Emotion Code Sessions $60

A Heart Wall is usually at least 4 Sessions.

Single Body Code Sessions: $75

Single Belief Code Sessions $90

Prior to your appointment, please send me an email to joanna.whitney@zoho.com
With our name, age, and short history, and please include 3 issues that you want to work on. For animals – Please send a Picture and their Name and any issues they are having. If you want to call me 303-630-9444 MST, please do. Payment is due upon making the appointment, to hold the appointment.

The Codes Are For Animals!

Nakoma, a Mustang from Great Escape Mustang Rescue, who I treated for Heartbreak.

Animals are the same as us and have trapped emotions which can cause behavioral and physical problems. I have worked voluntarily with wild Mustangs for Great Escape Mustang Rescue as well as dogs, cats and injured wild birds. Please see Testimonials! Animals do not have to be present for the session – all I need is your permission!

Extremely traumatized animals may have heart walls, just like humans – or simply using the Belief Code on severely traumatized animals, 1-3 sessions, can solve the behavioral issues.

Tupelo, a once-troubled mustang from Great Escape Mustang Rescue, now tamed with the Body Code

I am available 10am – 5pm M-F with evening appointments that I will make on a case by case basis.
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If you need a time that is not on the calendar, please contact me so we can work something out for you. Please contact me at 303-630-9444 MST , or by email, if you would like to have a conversation before your appointment.
Sessions are discounted 60% for a limited time.


Cancellations may be made 24-hours in advance for a full refund. Cancellations made within 24 hours of appointment will be charged (60%) of amount owed. Reschedules may roll the payment over to the new appointment time. Cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment will be rescheduled. Payment is due at the time of scheduling the appointment. Missed appointments will be charged in-full. Refunds on bulk payments will be pro-rated as per appointments used.

​The information provided is for the purposes of information only and is not given as professional medical advice.  If you have a health problem, medical emergency, or a health question, I recommend you contact your healthcare provider.  The services provided by me are not intended to cure, treat or diagnose any medical conditions.Energy Healing promotes harmony and balance within, relieving stress and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal. The Emotion Code & The Body Code remove trapped emotions & imbalances so that the body can heal itself. Energy Healing is widely recognized as a valuable and effective complement to conventional medical care. Please note that healing sessions are strictly confidential and that your personal information will never be shared with anyone.Individual results may vary as we are all unique and our healing is unique to our own personal life experiences. Some notice immediate results in their health and well-being, whereas for others, it may take several sessions, to see a notable difference. Please stay hydrated.You might notice extreme tiredness after a session or you may feel very emotional. This is normal.

While no guarantee can be made towards your individual experience, please be patient.

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