I am a Trauma Specialist because I have recovered from extreme trauma. I have fully recovered from growing up in a dysfunctional family. I had a very warped view of life as a result of this “up-bringing” and had a lot to overcome. I have forgiven my parents – but I still had a lot of work to do on myself to become a functional member of society. I have used many modalities over the years, but the most effective has been the Emotion Code Heart Wall Release, The Body Code for my gut issues and vaccine injury in childhood and The Belief Code for my underlying belief systems that were created in the formative years of my life – ages 0-7 – inherited belief systems from my parents, self-conclusions and “suggestions” from television programming, school and societal ideas.

I have a relationship with God which guides my healing, and God brought me to this modality.

For over 30 years I have been working with Energies, through Intuitive Art, & the psychic realms, and now I have become a Certified Emotion Code, Body Code, & Belief Code Practitioner.

I am building a gallery on this site, but for now, these pages are about transforming my creativity into helping others directly through energy healing. I have been a fine artist all my life. You can view my artwork here. Art’s purpose is less about a commodity than it is about Manifestation for each individual being. We all have these gifts to utilize to magnetize our desires and needs and to raise our frequency to make us available to receive.

Commission, Talismanic painting containing 5 Talismans in 2 prayers. 18″ x 20″ Oil on Found Wood, August 2017


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