Lynn R., Denver, CO, June 2024

I had several sessions with Joanna to help with burnout and life-long chronic health issues. After the body code session, the following day I had a lot of stuck emotion surface to be released. All of a sudden I was crying my eyes out without even really knowing why. I purged all this pain and felt much lighter afterward. After the emotion code session, I dreamed that a woman was helping me move things from storage and was setting them up so they would be easy to remove the next time the door was opened. A few days later, I had a very synchronistic triggering event that “opened the door” and allowed for an enormous emotional clearing and a deep understanding of the causes of this long-standing pain. Overall, I’m functioning better and my symptoms are reduced. Miracles have become part of my life. I believe Joanna is a gifted healer who uses these modalities to focus her natural gifts.

June and Dreamer Neck-Scratching – May 2024 – (2 Heart Wall Clients)
Both these horses are suffering from trauma from being brutally “gathered” by the BLM at Sand Wash Basin, Utah… but I have been working on their heart walls, and June (the brown one) is neck-scratching with Dreamer – whereas she never allowed anyone including another horse to touch her – up till today! Progress!

Darby M., Roseberg, Oregon, April 2024 (Heart Wall Client) https://www.companiondoggos.com/
I am grateful for your Emotion Code help. Here is a quick recap of what your process help to unfold in my life. When we started the Finance healing, I was several thousand dollars in multiple credit card debt. I was living in a very small and cramped place where I had been for several years. During the course of the treatment I went from what I described to having all my credit cards completely paid off and now own a home that is spacious and accommodates the needs of myself and my animal family.

Andrea E., Boulder, CO  January – May 2024 
I’ve been doing the emotion code and belief code with Joanna. I think it’s really helping me with several root beliefs that are playing out physically. Joanna is a ball to work with. You can do the emotion code on yourself, but there is something powerful about feeling her swipe the magnets down my back. If you have symptoms or want to feel lighter and freer, I highly suggest you reach out to Joanna.

M.L., Longmont, CO March 2024
Joanna is an incredibly effective healer using The Light of Christ through emotion, body, and belief codes. She has changed our lives, (my husband) and I.

Anonymous, CO December 2023 (Belief Code)
I had the most amazingly free-ing dream last night. I feel like a major shift happened during the session we did on Monday. I feel an internal blossoming occuring. After we cut the cords with my father, my heart physically hurt to the touch. I rubbed rose oil cbd and it feels so much better now. I can stand in my own presence for the first time without the baggage of half a century of inherited belief on my shoulders. Thanking you with deep gratitude for the gift of freedom you are giving.

Tupelo, A large mustang gelding, brutally “gathered’ by the BLM, at Sand Wash Basin, Utah, was very traumatized and would not let anyone touch him. Great Escape Mustang Rescue did not know what to do with him – but I removed some heart walls and also did a body code treatment on him, and now he is tame and sweet.

Shara W., Boulder, CO December 2023 (Belief Code)
Thus far, AMAZING. Huge shifts in my energy. Organzing and cleansing my space like mad, meditating on clarity and freedom. Feeling powerful. Wow.

Nichola L., Paonia, CO November 2023
Joanna is truly an intuitive healer. She is thorough and punctual and really takes the time to get to know what you’re dealing with. I shared my #1 issue and she focused specifically on that until we got over 30 trapped emotions released over the course of three sessions. I felt free from baggage and better equipped to move forward towards to create a life of my own making not dictated by past events. If you want to experience a significant shift in your relationship to your health and to explore the results that are possible, I highly recommend Joanna.

Alicia R., Boulder, CO October, 2023
I felt called to try the Body and Emotion Code with Joanna and I immediately felt peace surrounding me. I am more grounded with better clarity on my life and I allowed myself to be vulnerable to the process. Joanna helped me work through stuck emotions that my body has held on to for years and even decades! She cleared this for me and I felt lighter and more love for myself and this has helped my body release in order to heal physical ailments. Joanna and her work are astonishing and I am grateful. Thank you.

Kurt H. Electrician, Thornton, CO; August 2023
“My shoulder was in incredible pain as I was driving with Joanna. I let her know how much pain I was in and she removed 4 trapped emotions using the Emotion Code, and all the pain left my shoulder. I was even able to dig holes about an hour later as we were planting trees, and the pain in my shoulder did not return.”
“Previously, Joanna removed a Heart wall from me which solved PTSD from military trauma.”

William B., Denver, CO August 2023
Diagnosed with Bi-Polar, Schizoaffective Disorder, Negative Thoughts
“I feel lighter. I look forward to my daily sessions!”
Barbara B., Denver, CO
“I resolved a porn addiction which has plagued me for decades.”
Tara K., Centennial, CO August 2023
“I had chronic Insomnia. After the 2nd session, with Joanna, I was sleeping much better.”
D. D., Oregon, August 2023
“I have had toxic exposure to Round Up and have saggy skin and cloudy eyes as a result. From 2 sessions with Joanna, my skin feels slightly taughter”
Lyn L., Boulder, CO August 2023
“I had thought I had broken a bone in my foot – and now I don’t even remember what foot was injured”
Lynnie W., Motivational Coach, Centennial, CO May 2023 (Her husband, Steve, had CHF)
“Dear Joanna, thank you for everything you did for Steve! He regressed as of Tuesday, and is definitely on the right track to healing! We are incredibly grateful to you and the Emotion Code!”
Sadie, 11 year-old German Shepard Rescue August 2023 (Kurt H., Thornton, CO)
Hip Displasia & Neurotic hair tearing. She walks a lot better now and is not tearing her hair out and is not chewing the floor.

Mr. Toby, Age 3 (Amanda S., Boulder)

​”I went to Joanna because I heard she just got certified on the body code & could work with pets remotely.

I have a cat who is very sensitive & has anxiety. When I broke up with my BF of 7 months I noticed my cat was scared when he heard people in the hallway at my apartments. I realized through a psychic friend that my Ex was abusive to my best friend kitty cat. He’s in inside/outside cat that I rescued because someone had abandoned him.

Joanna shared that my cat had abandonment/insecurity issues with his mom, the first family & now he has insecurity about me leaving him. This was spot on to how he’s been acting when he hears anyone by my front door. ”

After the healing I noticed he didn’t care when people were in the hallway & he was happy & more cuddly with me. Then 4 days later my ex dropped off some belongings & my cat was nervous again.

Joanna was very sweet & offered a follow up session within 5 days. This was day 4 so I took her up on it & she worked remotely again to ease his fears. After each session my cat came into my room at night & started to knead my hair & pillows & give me hugs. I’m lucky that my cat & I are telepathic & I’m also lucky to know someone like Joanna who brought my cuddly happy boy kitty back to me! Thank you Joanna I already referred a few friends to you!

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