Auragraph with A Talisman To Gain Personal Sovereignty – (use it!)


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The Law of Correspondence: As above, do below; as within, so without. Everything in our external is also within. As all is connected, everything that is distasteful to us that is happening in the human collective right now has it’s roots within us somewhere and if we root that out within ourselves, our external will either evaporate or it will not bind us in negative emotions or fears.

The Law of Polarity: Everything has its poles, it’s pair of opposites; all extremes meet, all paradoxes are reconciled.
Your other reading had these 2 Laws present in it, so you are still working through the ramifications of those Laws in your life right now. They showed up in the Auragraph…And they have to do with this reading. There is something inside of you that believes that you are smaller than you are – that you are weaker than you are – that you are not the free being that you are. You must go within to find out what that is. This is a form of selfishness because of how big you are – you are hiding your light under a basket somewhere within yourself.

You have some confusion, rooted in fear although you are abundant. When in doubt, ask God for the right action and wait for the answer. You will receive a communication. Spirituality is the solution. The answer to all your problems is to put all your faith in God. Utilize prayer moment to moment and look for the answers. Tie up Air, Fire, Water and Earth under Spirit. Help others – put their needs ahead of your own. This is not to be misused in the self-deprecating way – you put the oxygen mask over your nose and mouth first and then as a whole person, making sure that you are not hiding your needs under another’s needs, you put other’s needs ahead of your own knowing that insodoing your needs will be worked out as a result of unselfishly giving to others.


The Pentagram is an ancient symbol meaning that the Spiritual rules over the other 4 bodies – the physical body, the emotional body, the intellectual body and the passion body – all those bodies come under the Spiritual control. Know Thyself is the answer to that question – to be able to contain the erratic and often opposing forces of those other 4 bodies under the spiritual takes an act of Will. You understand that the Will is Spiritual – it is the cause and what appears in the physical is the effect. To align oneself with Spiritual Principles – Natural Law – keeps one out of the fray or unprincipled action – nihilism – we see perpetrated upon us by the media and tell-lie-vision and in the world. Many people are living in the virtual reality, but Nature is still there, pristine and undisturbed by human templates.

Understanding all this, the reverse pentagram is simply when the Spiritual Head is driven into the earth and the 4 bodies rule through base desire. Hedonism. Happiness is the result of unselfish constructive action.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience and our main problem in human form is selfishness. We live in a world in which our efforts to be the best we can be and find and live our purpose, are thwarted from the moment we are born. Asking God to bring you the right people, the right situations, and the right healing modalities for your specific needs. Then looking for the answer. Praying in the moment, throughout the day for every little thing, creates a habit of interacting with the 4th dimension. This is part of putting your Spiritual house in order – of living the Pentagram. Clearing your spiritual channel so that you are open to receiving all the Power from the Divine that you need for yourself and for others.

Like the Strength card in the Tarot, we must learn to put God first and get all our worldly desires under His direction. We lead with our heart which is the expression of Spirit. Air: We align our thoughts with Spiritual Principles and give up gossip and social media and text bashing and negativity. Earth: Our work must be aligned with God – we cannot do work that completely violates who we say we are or what we believe in. We must also have a disciplined spiritual practice. We must eat, sleep, and physically practice spiritual principles. The people we hang out with and how we interact with them, the way we communicate, our home, our actions in the world, all of it. Fire: our passions must be aligned with God. We must align our passions so that they are an expression of God. Water: Are our emotions an expression of God? If we harbor resentment or fear or anger are we investigating it through spiritual principles? Perhaps our anger is justified and we need to stand up and speak out, for God. But resentment toward past mistakes or deeds done against us must be dealt with by correcting mistakes from the past and not repeating them. This is how we live so that our Inner Higher Self is at the wheel.


You are in the arms of your Higher Self. You are a mermaid. You are holding a crown with 3 tines that seems too big for you. Behind you there is a flower, like a lotus – the lotus is known in India as the flower of transformation because it grows in the most polluted river and it cleans the pollution and turns it into pure water and air. In this case the stem of the flower is rooted in the core of the earth.

The 3 tines represent the Trinity. Thoughts>Emotions>Actions or Father, Holy Spirit, Son – in other words – thoughts/intuition, emotions and therefore actions being equal – God is then speaking through you when what you think and what you feel are how you act. This makes up the 3 tines of the crown of sovereignty.

For a detailed description of sovereignty and confusion, please read the booklet.

Confusion is in your Oracle Reading, and Sovereignty is in your Auragraph, therefore this definition holds a lot of meaning for you, to look into deeply. In addition, Mark Passio goes deeply into a discussion of Sovereignty in his podcasts.) I found this interview that might help as well

Regarding the Law of Polarity – Sovereignty and Confusion are polar opposites and The Law of Correspondence – As within, so without.

You feel that this crown is too big for you to wear or too heavy a burden right now, but in fact we are here now as lightworkers during this time to show that we are sovereign. As is stated in the Natural Law Booklet – we have inalienable rights as animals here on Earth. Inalienable rights, made into “laws” are redundant and that is done so that the people think that for example, the Constitution of the US is what gives us our rights. No!

We think that we must have, for example, a medical exemption to not wear a mask. No! We do not have to wear a mask because as free beings we own our bodies and it is both trespass and coercion to tell us that we have to wear a mask when we know that this mask is useless. We choose what goes in our bodies and what goes on bodies as free beings. This is Natural Law!

Yes, it is difficult to stand up in a room full of our peers and be the one who stands up for true freedom, but that is why we are here now. To stand for Truth. We chose to come here now for this purpose.

You are sovereign – you have an internal monarchy. You know right from wrong for yourself and you don’t need an external mind control system telling you how to behave. The crown is neither too big nor too heavy for you, but you might have to grow into it. As the lotus flower’s stem is rooted in the earth’s core it is time to root yourself in the earth as a sentient being of this earth.

Our confusion as to whether we are of this earth or not must come to an end right now. Look deeply into the eyes of a dog or a cat or a horse through your heart chakra and you will know that creature as your sibling. Like all animals here, we are free.

As a mermaid, you are identifying too much with your emotional intuitive self – you have to rise above that and balance your brain – prayer – you don’t have to do this alone – you can simply pray to God for the power to use your left brain more and seek courage. I say this as someone who has had to and continues to have to do this. I am very right brained and had that imbalance but have continued to push myself to become brain balanced – shoot guns, learn a martial art, self-defense, anything to get you into that mode of the masculine energy and the courage to use force against trespass.

Being a mermaid is fantastic! Being intuitive is a gift to be sure but we must be balanced in our brains in order to get that neocortex to function properly which will give us new access to new and important ideas for how to express our true freedom.

This is probably where the confusion in the Oracle Reading is coming from. All this is discussed in the booklet and more so in further investigation into Natural Law. You are abundant because you have All Power behind you. Your Higher Self and all the 4th Dimensional Beings and The Creator Himself are behind human beings as sovereign. We just have to step out, like Indiana Jones Leap of Faith, onto that bridge over the gorge that doesn’t appear until you step out onto it.


Talisman: I have courage. I am sovereign.

Activate the Talisman

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