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I got paid USD for this one, so it was unpleasant when I saw how much work this person has to do -and her ego thinks she is doing just fine – her sis in law bought her the reading. Oy vey!

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Money is Man’s World. It is an illusion. It lies and makes promises it does not deliver. It is current-see and it limits current rather than expanding the true currency which is Love.

You have something blocking you from God – a spiritual burden from childhood that makes you not trust God and therefore your faith is in the material world – the media, all that goes with man’s world – tell-lie-vision programming – which is your obstacle – this has to come to an end now because the times are pushing us to find God or go completely into man’s law which is satanic – It sounds good, but it is not good.

You have 3 Law cards: Vibration, Correspondence, Cause and Effect, and 2 God cards: Spirituality and Loyalty. This makes for an important message.

The booklet goes into detail about the Law cards and how to use them – I have updated the booklet so please download the most recent one – basically what this is telling me is that your block is creating externals that you don’t like. You need to get rid of all negative thinking, raise your vibration above the mundanities of daily living in the Entropic state of the world – get in a different flow -the flow of expansion – there is a way to do that in the booklet – Emmet Fox and also the instruction on how to use the Hermetic Principles a brief guide -in the appendix.

Then you must find a relationship with God and draw in all your worldly desires under the Leadership of Spirit.

The Pentagram is an ancient symbol meaning that the Spiritual rules over the other 4 bodies – the physical body, the emotional body, the intellectual body and the passion body – all those bodies come under the Spiritual control. Know Thyself is the answer to that question – to be able to contain the erratic and often opposing forces of those other 4 bodies under the spiritual takes an act of Will. You understand that the Will is Spiritual – it is the cause and what appears in the physical is the effect. To align oneself with Spiritual Principles – Natural Law – keeps one out of the fray or unprincipled action – nihilism – we see perpetrated upon us by the media and tell-lie-vision and in the world. Many people are living in the virtual reality, but Nature is still there, pristine and undisturbed by human templates.

Understanding all this, the reverse pentagram is simply when the Spiritual Head is driven into the earth and the 4 bodies rule through base desire. Hedonism. Happiness is the result of unselfish constructive action.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience and our main problem in human form is selfishness. We live in a world in which our efforts to be the best we can be and find and live our purpose, are thwarted from the moment we are born. Asking God to bring you the right people, the right situations, and the right healing modalities for your specific needs. Then looking for the answer. Praying in the moment, throughout the day for every little thing, creates a habit of interacting with the 4th dimension. This is part of putting your Spiritual house in order – of living the Pentagram. Clearing your spiritual channel so that you are open to receiving all the Power from the Divine that you need for yourself and for others.

Like the Strength card in the Tarot, we must learn to put God first and get all our worldly desires under His direction. We lead with our heart which is the expression of Spirit. Air: We align our thoughts with Spiritual Principles and give up gossip and social media and text bashing and negativity. Earth: Our work must be aligned with God – we cannot do work that completely violates who we say we are or what we believe in. We must also have a disciplined spiritual practice. We must eat, sleep, and physically practice spiritual principles. The people we hang out with and how we interact with them, the way we communicate, our home, our actions in the world, all of it. Fire: our passions must be aligned with God. We must align our passions so that they are an expression of God. Water: Are our emotions an expression of God? If we harbor resentment or fear or anger are we investigating it through spiritual principles? Perhaps our anger is justified and we need to stand up and speak out, for God. But resentment toward past mistakes or deeds done against us must be dealt with by correcting mistakes from the past and not repeating them. This is how we live so that our Inner Higher Self is at the wheel.

Loyalty to God – through pure positive thinking and actions that are in alignment with Natural Law guarantees safety even when everything is collapsing around us.


You are in the arms of your Guardian. You are safe. You are loved. You are held by Her left arm around your head and your right hand is hidden. You are supported in the work you have before you. Her right hand is hidden means that you are not relying on the Spirit world too much therefore it is not shown how you are supported. You are managing your masculine manifestation side, not relying on the Unseen. The setting is a mirror.

Left side of the picture is the Feminine Principle.
Right side of the picture is the Masculine Principle.
Your eyes look directly ahead which means that you are relying on your self and your perceptions with confidence. This is considered “good” by conventional wisdom, but what is called for in this time is unconventional wisdom and a reliance upon God.
Your Guardian’s eyes are directed upward to God. All in the Spirit world are but channels of the Great Creative Spiritual Force.
Your Guardian is obscured by clouds – which are confusion, obscuring the Light.
You reach up with your left hand to clouds – your intuition- your connection to Spirit is obscured by confusion resulting in your dependence upon your Left Brain more than Intuition. You are reaching to it but not feeling that connection.
On your right side is a thought-form from the past. It’s arm reaches across your body, and across your heart and holds you and tickles your left under arm. It whispers in your right ear: This shows that that an old idea is influencing you and blocking your Intuition by misguiding it, and it is influencing your actions.
You are seated with your right leg up, over your left: This shows that your concentration of focus is on how you look to the world, but your Intuition is blocked. You are manifesting well for living in society but your connection to Spirit is wanting.
Or do the legs belong to the thought-form? It’s hard to tell who’s legs they are – and that means that you have been walking it’s walk all this time.
Tumultuous waters cover the legs – big waves going in opposite directions with whirlpools created by the undercurrents. Emotions.
Something from your past is getting in the way of your Spiritual Connection and it is coloring your understanding of manifestation in the world and your Higher Purpose. You are listening through this perception to direction obscured by this unresolved situation.

The presence of the 3 Law Cards makes this reading an important one. I am sure you have done a lot of work upon yourself but now is the time to find anything that is blocking you from complete and total reliance upon God and disregard for “man” and “man’s laws”. Perhaps there is a misunderstanding from childhood regarding why God “allows” certain things to happen that makes you tend toward reliance upon the material – reading the status quo rather than complete and total faith in Nature, Natural Law and faith and trust in Free Will – but Free Will Under Law – fulfilled by Spirit.

The powers that be want us to believe Nature is “kill or be killed” or “survival of the fittest” but that is not Nature. God/Nature takes care of us in His loving one-on-one relationship with each and every one of us. We all have a path of difficulty to overcome otherwise why would we be here? Is it really God that causes our difficulty? Or did He not carry us through it and has He not been carrying us this whole time?

We must ask ourselves why the media seems to want to put these negative ideas in our heads about our True Father and then this disdain and dishonor of our True Mother.

It is time to go deep within to remove any old ideas that are keeping us from total faith and love of our True Spiritual Parents.

The Law of Correspondence: That which is within is equal to that which is without; that which is without is equal to that which is within. That means, in this present time, that what we see outside of us is within us, since we are all connected – so – we only have the power to change that which is within us – and even then – we don’t really have that Power – only God really has the power to transform us. We can align our subconscious mind with the Higher Mind and then the change will come about, but to try to change the outer if we have not changed the inner will not work.** The Law of Cause and Effect**…kind of like the Wheel of Fortune – it seems random, but there is no random – we just don’t see the Cause but we feel the Effect. If we don’t like the Effect we have to root out the Cause.

The Law of Vibration: Then once you have fished out the darkness, you use raise your vibration above the ebb and flow of mundanities in the world, to a place of Neutrality, safe and protected, once your actions are in alignment with Natural Law – and you have to be careful what you feed yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically to maintain that Neutrality.

This is not a psychological process. This is a spiritual process that anyone can do themselves in the privacy of their own lair – simply by getting on their knees and praying for help and then looking for answers in signs and then following the signs, however weird they may seem.

I recommend downloading the latest copy of my Natural Law Context of the Reading which I have updated, and reading it through and following the recommendations if you need guidance. If you feel blocked, it is likely that you are out of alignment with Natural Law and if you can take a personal inventory and make reparations for past mistake that may reawaken the awareness of the connection.

The time we are in is extremely difficult. It is stripping away all that we have held dear and all that we have counted on. It is calling us to strengthen our connection to the still small voice within; to ignore the external voices of the world and to go within to God to find our way on the INNER path and then to take action from that place on the outer.

We are living in the time of the post-apocalypse – meaning 2012 was the great revealing of that which was hidden – much has been revealed and we are assimilating it.

Once in alignment with Natural Law, the path is clear and unfettered. Living in the present moment, not worrying about the future, embodying Principles we closely adhere to the path… and not worrying about everyone else. Everyone is on their own path.

I decided, in your case, to give you the original Auragraph, but then, to print for the Talisman to take out the thought-form representation because I wanted you to have a more positive image for future progress with the Talisman in the heart.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or if you don’t like the Talisman statement I chose for you.


Talisman: I follow the path guided by God through my heart, moment-by-moment, fearlessly discovering obstacles and surrendering them to the burning fire of Love to be transformed.


Activate the Talisman

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