Holy Nights Project – February – Aquarius

2.18.jpg colored pencil and acrylic on tissue paper

I think this is done now … today is a very significant day for me… this showed up this morning…


I think this whole thing this month has been about me climbing out of the hole that I dug for myself and becoming the instigator that I am supposed to be…my path – an instigator for Truth… the last 3 weeks I have been praying every night and standing up and fighting for principle and it has been hard but I am not the same person I was a month ago…and I am a lot happier- sleeping well at night… and ready for whatever is to come…and I think I have been "asleep" "resting on my laurels" sleeping in the delicious water and this month my spirit broke free and I started speaking out and it’s me climbing out of the deep dark cave I have been living in up till now to the light.


February – I gave her silver hair like mine… and then saw the archway in the corner.

While I made this piece I was going through an Initiation. I was having to stand up for principle in the face of absolute opposition – day in day out for 2 weeks at least. I found that the way to get the power to do it was through Prayer. It was the most amazing experience I have had in a long time. And I am not done. I still will have to continue to do do it. I pray, and then like Popeye eating his spinach, I become Super Chick – it’s amazing.

2-10.jpg And then the trail it left shows that the bird is coming from her throat and heart and consciousness…at this same time I was going through having to stand up in a room full of my peers for principles which no one wants to acknowledge – alone – by myself – the only one who understands – and my Spiritual Advisor told me that Jesus had to do the same.


After that, I saw a bird flying from her.


Next I saw a woman sleeping while floating in the water.


I put a river in to the picture. Of course I did not want to do it because it seemed too "obvious" – but then I realized that river banks are a water-bearer and that’s Aquarius.


This drawing I did after asking God to show me what I should do regarding the SHTF…it is basically showing how God/The SUN/Son will be there blasting me with light the whole time that I am staring at the "knowledge of good and evil" so don’t get mesmerized but either way I will still be in the loop and do my energy exercises.


I ended up putting up some blue paper because I messed it up and didn’t like what I did to start it off…

original feb.jpeg Original "February" base art.

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