Holy Nights Project: January – Capricorn

January 12a.jpg
January 12th: Acrylic on paper, 9″ x 12″ I see so much now… I am actually done with this piece and I am going to make another piece for the rest of the month because I am growing accustomed to having a piece to work on every day… just like the old days –

Capricorn is Cardinal Earth and so this is in the spirit of the force of earth that is needed for this time of winter while seeds are under the ground dormant waiting for Cardinal Fire Aries time.

The title, Fish Out of Water is me as a reincarnated elemental – because I just can’t really fit in here on earth… I am here for a purpose and I have to get by while I am here but I do not thrive in the spoils of the physical world. It’s all about creating community for me, and that can be frustrating when I am the only one with the areal view.

The water is a Coastal reef because that is what where Seahorses and Manatees hang out – there is the deep part and the surface of the water.

The Mermaid is under the water and affecting the surface and in the air. We are focused on her from above. There is seaweed growing in the depths. There is a whole world down below. She spans 3 realms – the deep water, the surface and the air…

She lazily runs her fingers through the surface of the clear water creating ripples and figure eights. 0 8 0 … and then the Seahorse is under the water and out of the water and the Manatee is under the water.

The Mountain Bluebird is flying over the water. From the left to the right. The movement of the animals and seacreatures in the picture is a movement from the left to the right, subconscious to conscious, whereas the Mermaid is facing the left, her subconscious. Her silver hair floats in all directions around her as she boyently bobs in the water.

The light source is the sun in the upper right corner – the side of manifestation.

The message from the bluebird is to gain a new perspective of the whole picture by migrating through from the subconscious to the conscious…from Alaska to Mexico…from cold to hot…winter to summer…as he masks the mermaids vulnerability…it’s all a matter of perspective.

The message of seahorse is to be yourself and celebrate your differences.

The message of the manatee is getting the attention of the Mermaid so that she realizes she spans 3 realms – not just her mind.

Be with your dogs and your pets. Spend time with them. Ask them what they have to teach you. Be in your body. Pay attention to it. Feel your feelings. Relax, but don’t just relax in front of the TV – also just pay attention to Nature. Talk to her.

The red is covered, mostly. The red represented the time of death that we are now in – the pollution. The red tide…it was so depressing, I had to get rid of it. Go back to when things were pristine and beautiful in Nature.

The message of the clear water is that water is a living force with intelligence, consciousness and memory… treat others how you would like to be treated – treat water the way you would like to be treated…

Everything in Nature has it’s role to play and we are the ones with the Laws of Behavioral Consequence we need to abide by.

January 10a.jpg
A lot today, January 10… First there was a Manatee – then I coated the whole thing with Mod Podge because the tissue paper was ripping and that changed everything – it ruined it sort of so I had to go back in with acrylic and repaint – it turned out to be good though because I was able to get rid of the RED TIED which was killing me – I hated it and it reminded me of our polluted environment… I was able to put in a thin layer of Ultramarine that made the background made dark purple.

Then I added the squiggly stuff so there might be other images that still can come out – but I had to redo the bird wings and the Manatee – it is basically telling me that when I draw/paint Mermaids it means I need to go within for my answers and listen to intuition.

This day – last night – the 9th – I happened upon a class on Trusts which I am now taking with a local guy – I think that was the Seahorse – bony – and structured whispering in my brain…then the Manatee today is like a sea dog – at my hip – I went on a bike-ride today for the first time in a very long time – so I think that was the Manatee’s nudging me to go outside in Nature and exercise

the Blue Bird is a migratory bird here in CO that flies from Alaska to Arizona to Central Mexico – maybe we are supposed to move to Arizona or Mexico… that might be the message – he – as the male is this color – is shielding the mermaid’s vulnerability…

The whole picture is looking down upon her from above – the Sun’s position – the bird in the air, and the Manatee is under her – smaller and the seahorse is big so closer to the surface… it’s always a winged Mermaid – so in this case the wings also belong to the Blue Bird but they could be her wings in a way…

A winged-mermaid is either in the water or the air but rarely on the earth – she just does not like the earth – and the “systems” at all, on earth. She loves Nature.

January 9a.jpg
January 9, I was told to put a Seahorse up on top whispering in her ear. Still not sure what it’s all about…

January 8a.jpg
January 8, I am a Mermaid AGAIN. Now I really want to understand why I am constantly drawing Mermaids, so I go to the library and take out a bunch of books on Mermaids.

January 7. Full Moon in Cancer.

January 6, I saw the wing. Colored Pencil.

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