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You have 3 Law cards – which out 36 is worth looking at: The All, The Law of Vibration, The Law of Rhythm; Followed 4 Macrocosm Cards: Gaia – the female aspect of God – the Earth, Open-mindedness, and Crossroads, and Spiritual Burden, and then 2 Microcosm or Mundane Cards: Self-Will and Sex/Intimacy.

You are at a Crossroads. You have done a lot of work on yourself regarding your “Trauma” from childhood but now you must add Spirituality into that. The spiritual burden of your childhood – you know intellectually, but you have to give it to God and understand your path from a spiritual perspective. You are the wounded healer – you had that path so that you can now help others, but you must also find “God” a Higher Power – and stop shouldering this alone. Pray without ceasing should be your goal. Once you surrender your whole life to God – then you can stop trying to get for yourself.

You will understand that when it is time for your partner to show up – he will show up and you must get happy without him. Stop looking for him. This is self-will. The part of you that is still looking for him is still wounded. That is your Spiritual Burden. Get God in your blood and in your prana and in your body and then you will not need another human being to fill that God-shaped hole in your Spirit. How to get there – meditation, prayer.

You are already starting to have an experience of prayer and you must continue to practice. You do not know what is right for you – but God does. God kept you alive through all that you have been through and now you think you know what you need… Life is a lot better when we quiet the thinking mind – the ego which is never satisfied: waiting, wondering, wanting are actions of the ego. All is better when we live in the present moment and are grateful for what we have right now, knowing that there is a Greater Plan for us and that surrendering to it will make us much happier than anything we could bring ourselves… if you do not get ok with what IS right now, when you get Mr. Right, you will not have the practice and experience with being satisfied with him, as he is, once the honeymoon wears off and you find out who he really is. Now is your time to quiet the wanting, wondering and waiting mind so that you can be present and give your wants, wonders and waits to God – and sink into the loveliness of now

The 3 Law Cards: The All, The Law of Vibration, The Law of Rhythm – speaks to your thinking. You must get your thinking under control of your Higher Self.

The All is the first principle of Natural Law in the Kybalion (1) THE ALL must be ALL that REALLY IS. There can be nothing existing outside of THE ALL, else THE ALL would not be THE ALL….”THE ALL” is Infinite Living Mind–the Illumined call it SPIRIT!…”The Universe is Mental–held in the Mind of THE ALL.”–The Kybalion.

How to apply this? We can quiet our Egoic mind so that we can receive the movings of the Spirit from the subconscious and from the Higher Mind. We attempt to make our mind like The All. We can align our subconscious with the Higher Conscious through positive mantra, through Talismans, through mudras, through prayer, yoga. In my booklet, I provide the 7-day mental diet in the Appendix.

This exercise will help you to learn to watch your thoughts and quiet them – give them to God. Then from this point, do not allow Negative thoughts to take root. If a particularly negative thought comes in – like regarding the New World Order, always conclude your statement or idea with, “but with God’s help, All is well.” This puts the ultimate authority in the hands of the Creator. There is no authority amongst the people of earth, but the Universe, the Creator, the Higher Laws, have authority over us. Although a priest-class may have access to occulted knowledge that they are wielding against us, we have access to God through prayer. That is our secret weapon, to always give us our way out via Natural Law. We have unalienable rights – and we have only to ask for help in order to receive protection. However – if our minds are obstructed by past misdeeds or broken promises, then we must clear our channel if we are to be able to manifest that which we are ultimately able to when living this way. See p.18 of the booklet.

“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”–The Kybalion.

The great Third Hermetic Principle–the Principle of Vibration–embodies the truth that Motion is manifest in everything in the Universe–that nothing is at rest–that everything moves, vibrates, and circles.

How to apply this? Appendix F in the booklet goes into this in detail, however, briefly, we must keep our vibration raised in order to rise above obstacles that have manifested in our path. P. 24 of the booklet talks about ways to raise your vibration. Those of us with Trauma have a difficult time understanding how to raise our vibration and often think that we are avoiding our Truth by keeping our vibration raised. This is a misunderstanding.

Yes, we must go into our subconscious, fearlessly, and find the fragmented selves that are paralyzed and polarized due to trauma, comfort and care for them, bring them to the Light so that they may unify Under God to work for the Highest Good, or be cast out by God, if they are negative spirits that have attached themselves to us. Once this work is done, however, we will have access to all-power and we will then be able to let go of the habitual thinking of negativity that we may have sought comfort in when we were burdened by unresolved issues. From this point, we will be much stronger, because we will have experienced the lowest of the low and survived it, and now we will be in a position to consciously, willfully align our will with the Will of God and raise our vibration. It is with a raised vibration that we watch things of the 3rd dimension disappear before our very eyes. It is with a raised vibration that we can pray and ask for miracles and receive them.

“Everything flows out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right, is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates”–The Kybalion.

The great Fifth Hermetic Principle–the Principle of Rhythm-embodies the truth that in everything there is manifested a measured motion; a to-and-from movement; a flow and inflow; a swing forward and backward; a pendulum-like movement; a tide-like ebb and flow; a high-tide and a low- tide; between the two-poles manifest on the physical, mental or spiritual planes.

This suggests that you adhere to the ebb and flow of Nature. Follow the moon. Begin projects during the new moon, and complete during the full moon. Eat local food that is in season. Garden if you can. Walk outside barefoot often to stay grounded. But, by the same token, you can avoid the ebb and flow of the emotional life by using prayer and positive thinking to never allow negative thought. You can rise into a state of Neutrality instead of being polarized into right brain or left brain thinking by refusing to live in the 3rd dimension, by calling upon the Unseen forces of the 4th dimension for aid, and by which you can live in the Spiritual Dimension, allowing God to work things out for you and then you can never have to be depressed or sad again because when that stuff creeps in you can ask at once for it to be removed and turn your thoughts to someone you can help.

The Auragraph:

You are a mermaid. You are sitting in the Arms of your Higher Self – God – To thine own Self be true.

The Left side of your face is turned to Her and the Left side of Her face is more exposed to you. See the discussion of Left and Right in the booklet.

As a mermaid, you are more at home in the deep cold waters of the bottom of the ocean than in the intellectual realms of the mind. You prefer to spend your time in the psychic realms than navigating the satanic kill or be killed realms of man. You can walk only for a few hours comfortably on land before you have to return to your ocean home.

This means that you should spend most of your time with God, in Nature, in meditation, in prayer, in solitude. Let God be your shield and protector, your rock and your shelter from man’s world. Live most of your time in the 4th dimension. Operate upon the 3rd dimension from the 4th and be causal. Stay away from big crowds of masses of people who buy into man’s world things – and only go out when you have to and then – make sure you ask God to stand between you and that world so that you don’t get hurt out there.

There are 3 waves which suggests the Trinity Thoughts>Emotions>Actions. Thoughts (the Father) influences the Emotions (Holy Spirit), and you take Action – when everything is balanced. But you are a Scorpio which means that your emotions and your Intuition are connected and you go down to the deepest depths and up to the highest highs – the ebb and the flow… The Law of Rhythm. You should also read the story of the little wave…

Your tail is the 2nd wave. This means you are tossed about by your emotions. Your tail, which is your rudder, is controlled by your emotions. This is why you must find your Inner Compass in your heart. To thine own Self be true. So that you are not tossed about by your emotions which are influenced by all sorts of outside events. Your tail is your tale. Right now it’s all about trauma – but if you find an inner compass that is the Creator – you will be steadfast, regardless of the storms that hit the ocean.

How to find this?

Begin to use the lost word – NO! Stop telling everybody everything. Start to keep your cards closer to your chest. Only talk to people you trust. Instead of taking advice, say things like “ok.” in response to advice, and then pray about it and wait for an answer and then do what feels right to you. Don’t check it out with anybody, – just follow your gut. You may make a lot of mistakes in the beginning but you will soon find your footing.

The setting is that your heart is on the left side which means you are to use this drawing as a meditation to imagine yourself in this position in which your heart is in the chest of your Higher self and your left hand is holding your heart.

Your right hand is holding a Sun at your solar plexus. The manifestation hand is holding the strongest manifestor at the point of human manifestation. The Solar Plexus is the home of the Will and so the Sun is a perfect place to be there. You can begin to feel the heat in your heart and in your Solar Plexus. Solar equals Sun. Plexus means the joiner of networks The Will is the joining of all the points into the center for the connection to the Higher Will for manifestation. In your meditation, feel that Sun burning in your Solar Plexus, and ask for Inspiration from the Spirit World as to what you are supposed to do to fulfill your destiny.


Talisman: I embody Divine Spirit as a result of prayer; I feel my Inner Compass strongly; I follow my Intuition resulting in bearing witness to miraculous events daily.


Activate the Talisman

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