12/10/20 – Rebecca Bauer, creator of Wisdom Village, Denver, CO
     I want to express my deepest gratitude for the painting and reading Joanna blessed me with.   It is probably the single most powerful art piece i have, and combined with the reading it is “life changing”   When she first gave me the reading, I didn’t agree with some of the things she said.   I thought I had a “great connection” to Source.   I mediate everyday, and I couldn’t understand why she was telling me to “rely on God more”  The image is of me, wraped in the arms of an angel.  Recently, I had a profound experience, while mediating, and the painting came to life in my mediation, I could feel and see an angel surrounding me.   It was a very clear message and a miracle.   I knew now what the painting really meant.   Yes, I did have a connection to Source, BUT I also relied very strongly on myself and willpower to get things done.   There was very little room for Grace in my life.  The painting literally told me to relax and trust and allow some room for miracles.  I am learning!  
     Joanna’s paintings are not just beautiful, they are full of meaning, complexity and power.   The symbols can be unfolded over time and allow you to go on your own inner journey, and maybe discover your own blessing and miracles that lie there.   She paints a mirror for your soul to see itself.
    My only hope is that she is blessed as much as she blesses others with her gifts.  Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with the world and helping us all evolve.


Wow, thank you for this. I am dazzled at the accuracy of what you were able to perceive and project through the auragraph. Simply amazing, thanks!
Fennegen, Steemit 2/21/20
I am completely in awe. This feels so very accurate. The color choices have special meaning for me, and the word “calcify” is poignant. The dragon and phoenix reference resonate with my soul. Some of this composition was in my thoughts as I pondered the response to send to you when you asked for a question I would like to receive guidance on – and here I see my thoughts in your work. You are so very talented. It is my honor to have had this reading performed by you, and my honor to resteem. I am very grateful. 
Bia B., Steemit 2/21/20I have been using Joanna for over a year to help guide me through this sometimes treacherous path I have embarked on. From financial success to commanding respect from people when they started to walk all over me and take advantage of my kindness to protecting my place from harm. Her sigils actually have made a difference and I am thankful to have had our paths meet.

Katherine Spahr, Owner, Gallery 1505, S. Pearl St., Denver, CO


It was such a joy to get to work with Joanna! Her sigil for me was perfect, her intuition is spot on! I love the painting that she made for me, it is very powerful as well as beautiful! Iā€™m at a new crossroads in my life and am ready to do another one! – Yarre Venne., Denver, CO (Mixed Media Sigil with Soul Mirror Painting) 9/20/18I borrowed a Sigil necklace that Joanna Whitney had made for someone else, that states “We transition gracefully to our new space”. She had made it for a couple who were evicted from their rental property and were looking for a place in Denver during this crazy market. Not only did they find a new place, but I took the Sigil necklace, followed her directions, to redraw the image and color it in and hang it where I could see it, as well as to wear the necklace, and within 2 weeks, I found a house in Wash Park that my husband and I could afford. This was after literally a year of searching – and getting to a place where we thought we were going to live in our car.” – Sarah Towers, Denver, CO 7/15/18 (Sterling Silver Sigil Necklace)
C.F., New York, 12/16 – bought 4 B&W mini’s for each of her 4 daughters for Christmas.
1. Hi, Joanna. This wonderful drawing/reading is PERFECT for ___! She IS deeply emotional, practical, and very, very spiritual. This could not have been a more appropriate reading specific to her, and it will truly mean a lot. The advice is spot on. Thank you so much! Much love <3
2. Hi, Joanna. Thank you so much for this drawing for ____….she will LOVE it! She IS one to always get ideas but never act or follow through on them. The advice here will make a lot of good sense to her. And she does try to meditate and connect with the universe/God, so she will appreciate this a lot. On a funny side note, she was my only C-section baby, because she was coming out feet first–so she came into this world backwards, and then when she was a toddler, she was always walking/running forward while looking behind her (hence, always bumping into things, because she wasn’t watching where she was going!). So we nicknamed her “Wrong Way ___.” So the first paragraph here nailed her from the time she entered this world until now, lol. šŸ™‚ Thank you….. You are truly gifted at this!
3. Oh my goodness….this is ___ to a T!  She’s an adventurous travel nurse (an unconventional vocation), who relocates to a new facility within the United States roughly every 13 weeks, so she relies on her intuition constantly to determine where she wants her next assignment to be. So far, she has been a nurse in ___, ___, ___, ___, ____, and currently in _____. Every 13 weeks, she is given a number of options for job openings and goes through a lot of contemplation trying to intuit her best move. Same thing in searching for her true love. She agonizes over these decisions, trying to make sure she will take the right path. So far, she has been well-served by her intuition (for the most part). This reading will make perfect sense to her and will be very much appreciated. Interestingly, she’s had other readings in which horses have popped up….  She will really love this, Joanna. I can’t wait to give it to her.
And thank you for adding spots of color to these!! They are all beautiful! Hugs xxx
F.H., France 12/15 – 4″ x 6″ Mini Hand-colored
I just wanted to give you a wee feedback about your amazing drawing.
It just touched me so much…
The colors, the theme, my Angels… All is Beauty.
I love it, I love it so dearly…
I didn’t expect such a message of love and care…
I mean I can hardly speak of it…
I am so grateful for the work you’ve done.
This drawing is a talisman for me.

Merci beaucoup, Joanna.
I wish you all the best for the coming New Year.

I will get in touch with you again, that’s for sure !

Love, Peace. BLESSINGS 
(M.G., Ludlow, MA, Facebook Competition Winner 4/14 4″ x 6″ Mini)
Thank you so much for this reading!  It truly describes my life right now with clarity and detail!  All around me I see the signs that there is really only one way to coexist on this planet, and that is with love.  Through the teachings of Jesus, we learned that the higher self exists but only if you believe.  Why do we look for signs if there truly is nothing behind this life that we see.  I see it every day in the flowers, the water, the sunlight,  and air that we breathe.  In the eyes of the animals living instinctively.  Truly the ultimate design to hold our tiny bodies and fragile minds.  Thank you again for reassuring me that the path I’m on is not only divinely lain, but for reasons that I must live out every day to see, destined to impact the world in a truly life-changing and absolute positive way.  Thank you again for this gift.  

My step son’s Doberman, died recently, and looked sort of like the dog in this drawing.  My wife and I went to help them when they found his body and I wrapped him up and took him out of the house and put him in the truck to bring him to the vet.  You are correct, when you say “The Dog is an Angel”, as Trigger truly was.  And strangely enough, I did feel the presence of God there with us at the moment I took him away.  

 Wow, thank you again!  You intuition truly works on many levels!

(J.P., Tucson, AZ, Facebook – 8.5″ x 11″ In-Depth Drawing with Reading, 2/21/14) says  
“Wow! I’m speechless! The symbolism in your drawing has touched my heart…I’m a big angel believer and wear an Archangel Michael pendent and I have always been so attracted to the Sacred Heart. 

I really can’t wait to hold my drawing in my hands! Thank you so much for emailing it to me….I’m now going to search for a soulmate quartz crystal. I can’t wait to meditate with my drawing, even just looking at it through email I can feel it’s power and I’m sure it has a great message for me! Thank you so much for validating that B and I are soul mates and I feel with meditation my message will be stronger.

With tears running down my face I thank you…your drawing literally left me speechless!”

C.F. (return customer bought from my website) 1/12/14 “Oh, my gosh, it’s STUNNING! I love it so much…I’m gonna cry. Joanna, this is amazing. Every single inch of it. I see what you mean by how it touches your heart. It does mine, too! My heart feels a tightening and a tugging just looking at it. I’m blown away. This makes so much sense in so many ways. I know who the “benign,” egotistical (and needy) being is that tries to place itself between mother and child, lol. Actually, it could be one of two people, or both. And I even know the significance of the fierce animal he holds. The drapes, I feel, are to help conceal the imp’s ulterior motives… I love the gentle cradling of the angel and child angel. And I love the symbol of infinity with the winged heart… also very personally meaningful to me. I will be doing much more pondering over this. All I know is that it is perfect for me. Many blessings to you, Joanna. <3 I will talk to you soon and will keep in touch!! …Hi, Joanna. I received the original artwork/masterpiece last night. It is so powerful….so much divine energy in it! I am going to frame it this weekend and put it someplace where I can look at it often. I can’t thank you enough. Talk to you soon. ~ BIG hug ~ 
B.J. (Bonanza, mini-origami fold) 11/20/13 “hi Joanna,Just received your drawing. Just a beautiful piece and keep going over the reading. You have such a talent. Thank you so much—B.”

C.F. (ebay-direct, mini – gift for a friend’s birthday) 2/9/13 I’m still looking at it and reading your interpretation, and I just wanted to say again how much I love it. You are very gifted. Wow…it’s perfect.

L.L. (ebay, mini) 1/6/13 “Beautiful picture. And very insightful. Joanna has a wonderful gift.” and more “I forgot to tell you that DV loved his drawing/reading! He told me he put it as his background image on his i-Phone and was very appreciative. We had a good discussion about its meaning and interpretation. The great thing about your intuitive art is that, the longer you look at the images and consider each component of them, the more sense they make and the more they resonate. Divine inspiration…”

J.N. (ebay, mini) 12/12/12  “WOW…YOU ARE SIMPLY AMAZING! Your reading/drawing is MORE than helpful…Thank you ever so much…worth so much more than what I paid.  I hope to return the favor someday soon.”

K.C., Denver (craigslist, full-size) 12/11/12 “I am so grateful for your reading and drawing – they were both beautiful and profound, and amazing gifts.  Thank you so much”

 D.H., FL (ebay, mini) 11/23/12 Very intuitive reading, and beautiful image.

Anthony S. (bonanza, full-size) 11/12, “Very talented and friendly seller. Great communication, very enjoyable to talk with, and quality reading and drawing. Definitely recommended. Thank you.”

Tomas, NYC 10/12, (craigslist, mini) “…You definitely have the psychic gift …you are 100% right in what you said about me, and you are a great artist…”

Bette J., MA 9/12  (bonanza, full-size) “…Highly recommend Joanna. Beautiful, beautiful picture and the reading was wonderful and confirming. Definitely recommending to my friends her services. Joanna has a wonderful gift. Thank You”

Jamie T., TX (ebay, mini) 8/12 “Her work is PRICELESS! Every time I see something she has done it truly speaks volumes. If you are lucky enough to have her draw for you it truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Unspeakably talented , with the humbleness to match. Amazing! Her work Radiates like no other! A MUST Buy!”