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Mini Auragraph Package with Intuition Coaching


A unique personal symbolic drawing with reading and talisman, to be given to begin Intuition Counseling. Please download and read these books before you receive a reading:

Natural Law Booklet 2.3
Talisman Activation-ia

It will take approximately 3-5 business days to complete your Auragraph Package.

Availability: 998 in stock

The Auragraph is a scrying of your Aura into a symbolic drawing. The purpose of the Auragraph is to show you a psychic snapshot of where you are at in mind, body and spirit – and how you are out of alignment with Spiritual Principles so that you can make changes to make your life easier – and help you to understand yourself as a human animal here on Earth. The purpose of the Talisman is to take the essence of that reading and help you to align your subconscious mind with that of your Higher Mind. It is embedded in the final drawing. The Natural Law Oracle reading focuses and enhances the Auragraph.  

I am using the Auragraph as a starting point for or work together, and request that you also supply your birth information: Day, Time and Place of Birth in the contact form below.

I start with 1-3 Natural Law Oracle cards as a focal point, then do the drawing and create a talisman and from what learn from the reading will be most useful for you.  We begin a weekly 1-hour a week intuition coaching session. I have developed many intuitive gifts to assist you in healing and connecting.

I have full access to my intuition and rely on it for everything, and I can help others gain this access – and strength to follow it, even against all opposition.

I am happy to help others strengthen their conscious contact with The Creator (however you wish to call it) and I accept conscious donations for the support I offer. http://paypal.me/JoannaGW

How it works, is that we will arrange once a week for 1 hour by zoom or face-to-face for those in the Denver Metro Area..

There will be an initial 1-hour meeting after I deliver the Auragraph and Reading to discuss the Auragraph and Reading and to answer your questions, and then an additional 1-hour meeting for discovery about why you are seeking intuition coaching and we will design a series of practices together that fits you and your schedule.

There is a 1-month commitment. I suggest a donation of $63 per hour for the intuition coaching, but you give what you can or give nothing, as you wish.