Intuitive Healing & Coaching


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I have full access to my intuition and rely on it for everything, and I can help others gain this access – and strength to follow it, even against all opposition.

I have a clear open connection, so whenever I need help with anything – even and including opening a door with a key that gets stuck in the lock, I pause and ask for help from The Creator, and then the lock just falls open. It can be that simple or as complex as feeling uneasy about a Dr.’s recommendation or doing what your friend’s are doing – I always have to God myself to find out what is best for me.

I am happy to help others and I accept conscious donations for the support I offer.

How it works, is that we will arrange a series of zoom or face-to-face meetings for those in the Denver Metro Area.

And zoom for those out of town.

There will be an initial 1-hour meeting in which I interview you for discovery, and we will design a series of practices together that fits you and your schedule.

This will involve zoom, face to face, phone and/or email conversations over a period of time, with a minimum of 1 month commitment.

Submit request through the contact form and I will get back to you to arrange a time for the discovery meeting. Add your phone number if you would like me to get back to you more quickly – by phone.

I recommend $63 an hour as a “suggested” donation, or give what you can, or give nothing.