Mini Auragraph Package


A unique personal symbolic drawing with reading and talisman, to be given to begin Intuition Counseling. Please download and read these books before you receive a reading:

Natural Law Booklet 2.3
Talisman Activation-ia

It will take approximately 3-5 business days to complete your Auragraph Package.

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The Auragraph is a scrying of your Aura into a symbolic drawing. The purpose of the Auragraph is to show you a psychic snapshot of where you are at in mind, body and spirit – and how you are out of alignment with Spiritual Principles so that you can make changes to make your life easier – and help you to understand yourself as a human animal here on Earth. The purpose of the Talisman is to take the essence of that reading and help you to align your subconscious mind with that of your Higher Mind. It is embedded in the final drawing. The Natural Law Oracle reading focuses and enhances the Auragraph.  

Like the In-depth Auragraph, I  request that you also supply your birth information: Day, Time and Place of Birth.

I start between 1 – 3 Natural Law Oracle cards as a focal point, then do the drawing and create a talisman and from what I hear and see that you need. I do a reading of the drawing, as information comes to me through the whole process. It will be like a story for you to understand where you are at spiritually, what your challenges are and the Talisman will provide an aid to go forward.  This is a shorter and smaller version of the In-Depth Auragraph. You will be provided with The Auragraph, The Talisman, and the combination to print and color – along with instructions. We can do a 1-hour zoom call in which you can ask questions to clarify the reading.