9-Card Natural Law Oracle Reading


The 7 Principles of the Kybalion are included in the deck, including the 8th Lost Principle: Care, then, 14 Macrocosm Cards, and finally, 14 cards that represent the microcosm.

I will perform a 9 card reading for you from my very own Oracle card deck that I created. As a result of prayer to God, the Spirit of the Universe, I was directed to create this deck and given 3 days to do it. Each card image and definition was brought to me in an awakened-dream state during a meditation.

This is a CUSTOM PERSONALIZED digital file of a CUSTOM PERSONALIZED reading.


I will send you a .pdf of the reading by email.

As I created each card, I was given a full download of information about each card and the entirety of the deck and how it was to be used.

In addition, I was directed to create a card for each of the 7 Laws of the Kybalion, The Hermetic Laws of Ancient Egypt- The Macrocosm:

The All is Mental, The Law of Correspondence, The Law of Rhythm, The Law of Vibration, The Law of Polarity, The Law of Gender, The Law of Cause and Effect, and including the 8th “lost” Law of Care (Love) as the Major Arcana,

And then there are 14 Spiritual Cards which unite the Spiritual to the Natural: The Sun, Gaia, Freedom, Loyalty, Calling, Courage, Golden Rule, Occult Knowledge, Open-mindedness, Wild Heart, Intuition, Crossroads, Spirituality, and Spiritual Burden.

and 14 mundane cards of the Microcosm: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Money, Security, Intimacy, Communication, Self-will, Secrets, Bad Habits, Obstacle, Confusion.

You can view the deck here:


I have a Masters Degree in Fine Art in Integrated Electronic Art and Performance by which I ritually integrate the act of creating art and embodied the Spirit in my work, and over 30 years as an Art Occultist on my own path led singularly by my Guides and have combined my artistic ability with my knowledge of Natural Law.

My artwork itself; Digital Auragraphs, and Mixed Media paintings are tulpas created for the Querant – a Spirit helper that assists on the path of the Divine.

I am a Reiki Master and I do a form of volunteer shadow work with individuals who seek spiritual transformation and have for over 20 years.

Natural Law is a set of Universal, inherent, objective, non-man-made, eternal, and immutable conditions which govern the consequences of behavior for intelligent species; meaning beings that are capable of coming to an understanding of Self /Consciousness, and are also capable of understanding the objective difference between harmful and non-harmful behavior towards themselves and other beings.

There is a spiritual path here, for anyone who cares to take it. I provide a link to my free booklet which provides a context for all of my work and readings:

Natural Law: The Context of the Reading.1.9


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