Holy Nights Project – April – Aries

*Mixed Media – acrylic, sharpie, tissue paper on paper 11 x 14.
It’s an illustration of multi-dimensionality – of leaving Pisces and moving not only into Aries but leaving the Age of Pisces and moving into the Age of Aquarius and being a Truth Teller – being forced into it – being the barking dog and the dog that bites –

I know I came here during this time for a reason and I must shed my disdain for this time which I am using to control my absolute purpose and joy as a Truth Teller – like it or not –

As a rose unfolding it’s petals – the red rose being symbolic in Alchemy of revealing the phases of passion, desire and transformation through love- the process of turning base metals into gold both really and metaphorically,

Gold in it’s inherent value – was stolen from the people, by the US government in 1933 and they were coerced – offered back “benefits” of Social Security – the temptation of satanism vs. living the daring life according to Nature and God…

And the Source of ALL – being God – far away but also right here in our hearts…

The dog barking left to right – means taking the truth from the subconscious and bringing it into manifestation…

Here I am now, in my work meeting which is long and boring and so I just used the sharpie to put in energy lines and start to put in highlights on the petals. I work best when my left brain is completely absorbed by something else – this is when I take a lot of risks.

At this point the background was making me nuts that it was yellow so I made it blue to give the whale a place to swim in.

sharpie - rose-dog-whale.jpeg
Then I used a sharpei to clearly define it all.

sperm whale.jpeg
But because I am in a group of people – and they see what I see, I kind of have to push myself past the comfort level – so I added the sperm whale too to the mish-mosh.

Here’s the dog – I really did not want to include him because I hate mish-mosh art. I prefer it to tell a cohesive story…

april 2.jpeg
April 2 I started drawing on it…I can see the dog face and I can see the rose and I can also see a sperm whale…

Here’s where I left it in January…

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