Holy Nights Project – June – Gemini


9 x 12 acrylic on paper

Gemini – the Twins – they are twins – they just look different. They are 2 sides of the same coin – one is in the air and one is on the ground.

I was released from my employment with Dr. Andy Kaufman MD, the covid whistleblower this month – and I just did not want to face "getting another job" so I chose instead to use manifestation techniques in meditation – https://youtu.be/o6TUej07vIg and Theta Healing and Basic Psychic Development combined –

The result has been so far, that someone "accidentally" called me to come do websites with him – a guy that I had interviewed with in the winter time during a Mercury RX shadow who had not followed through but now is ready … and then later someone called me to do a commission of artwork – out of the blue… this is how I like to do my marketing!!!

This piece is about the Aetheric plane or Quantum Field… The All and everything is created out of the All which is all that is. All is within the ALL but all is not The ALL. I put the lines back in to show that it is just a very thin veil between the ALL and what it manifests on this plane. This is because I am doing a lot of Energy meditation work right now… the horse and the bird represent earth and sky, unified in the ALL governed by the LAWS which bind everything together. I was released from my “job” unexpectedly a few weeks ago and it is to comfort me with the knowledge that I can set my intention and put that out there as a communication to request the Universe to send me the next right thing…


I want to dig more deeply into the purpose of art. Is art just something to sit around and talk about? To analyze and fit into our safe box of understanding? I say NO! The true purpose of art is to manifest. Hence why it had to be replaced by the i-mages of the overlords- so that individual i-mages would be suppressed- so that the collective would replace their i-mage-in-nation (I the mage I a community) with the overlord’s i-mages to help the overlords get their way… vs we as a smaller collective community taking back our i-mages and our power for own manifestation purposes. This is why the natives felt that having their photos “taken” meant that their soul was being taken- because art has a spirit. It is greater than the sum of its parts. And it I has manifesting potential- so the next time you have the urge to use a magazine cut out to re- present the i-mage you want – resist and use your own I-mage. The word mage means conjuror. If you put intention behind the work – that’s when it becomes powerful in the real sense. I – MAGE – I – NA ION – I Co-create in ACTION – I manifest from the Aetheric plain into the 3rd Dimention. Now there’s something the dark occult overlords would like to hide from us.





I had some tattoo ink that I threw out and then realized I should use it… so no idea what it does… I used a dry fan brush to apply it to try to get the texture to appear and used a paper towel to mop it up… we’ll see…


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