Auragraph for An Agorist

I met this person on Hive and I did this piece for her and we became friends.

Here is the Auragraph:

Your spirituality is fueled by freedom. Just make sure you are relying more on your the Creator through your intuition than on self-will. Your passion may be blocked because there is a spiritual burden you carry – something which happened that you blame God for, perhaps in childhood. Endings – ending to this time – it is time to rely on Nature/God/The Creator however you see it. Spirituality is when all passion, thought, physical striving and emotions are ruled by the Spirit – that is your challenge – to find yourself Loyal to the Spiritual side of things. The Power cards in this reading are Loyalty, Spirituality The Sun, Intuition, and Freedom.

You are a flowering plant.
You see yourself as one with Nature. You appear to be an Angel of Nature with leaves for wings and petals for a halo.

Your chakra system is the stem and you are rooted in the earth.
There does seem to be some difficulty with your Navel and your Solar Plexus which is a combination of family of origin and your will, as you can see the stem does a double loop through the Navel and Solar plexus. This may mean digestive issues. This may be what is talked about in the Oracle as the Spiritual Burden.

In addition, you do not have to bear the burden of being IT – you can allow the Spirit of Nature to BE Itself and you can lean into it and request help from It. You may identify this with dependency and you prefer self-sufficiency. This is a misunderstanding of the Power. Yes, it is within you, but it is not you. For example; as in the Tao; I am the wave but I am not the Ocean – I am part of the Ocean, but the Ocean is greater than the sum of it’s parts.

“The waves emerge briefly as a separate entity; however, just as quickly merge back into the ocean of which it is a part. Us, as human beings, are very much like the waves of the ocean. We briefly surface and display a uniqueness that cannot be duplicated; however, in the end, we reunite with the Whole.”

There is a snake which is held around your right hand but you push away with your left. Your masculine side accepts the Shadow Work but your feminine side does not want to go there. Hair covers your fingers – hair is “history” or “herstory” – hence it is some old thing from the past that is causing you a block.

Shadow work – please download the booklet from the dropbox link to learn about Shadow Work and how to discover it. Also in Appendix D, I include how to receive help from Nature Spirits – elementals and Pan. You might look into that since you are a Flower Child.

6 Leaves on the plant – The Lovers. Brain balance – look into the booklet to see about this. The Lovers is about the balance of the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine sides of the brain so that the Neocortex can function effectively. Most people are polarized into the left or right side making them either bullies or passive. We must be able to exercise Force against acts of Violence but we must not initiate Violence. Only someone with brain balance can be in this state.

14 Petals – 14th card in the Tarot is Temperance. Moderation. Balance. – once again – reiterating the Lovers. Merging unrelated elements to create something greater then the sum of it’s parts.

9 toes showing – 9th Tarot card is the Hermit. The end of the cycle. The Full Moon. Meditation. Go within to the Creator and develop that relationship through solitude – even in relationship with others – go within to the inner core self. Endings in the Oracle reading – something is coming to an end, and I would assert that it is this way of living – it is time to get to the bottom of this block so that you can merge more completely with the Divine Spirit.

Sitting on your knees from the Left to the Right: A state of surrender. Bringing the essence of self to manifestation. From the Feminine to the Masculine, as it should be.

The Pentagram reiterated:
The Pentagram is an ancient symbol meaning that the Spiritual rules over the other 4 bodies – the physical body, the emotional body, the intellectual body and the passion body – all those bodies come under the Spiritual control. Know Thyself is the answer to that question – to be able to contain the erratic and often opposing forces of those other 4 bodies under the spiritual takes an act of Will. You understand that the Will is Spiritual – it is the cause and what appears in the physical is the effect. To align oneself with Spiritual Principles – Natural Law – keeps one out of the fray or unprincipled action – nihilism – we see perpetrated upon us by the media and tell-lie-vision and in the world. Many people are living in the virtual reality, but Nature is still there, pristine and undisturbed by human templates.

Understanding all this, the reverse pentagram is simply when the Spiritual Head is driven into the earth and the 4 bodies rule through base desire. Hedonism. Happiness is the result of unselfish constructive action.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience and our main problem in human form is selfishness. We live in a world in which our efforts to be the best we can be and find and live our purpose, are thwarted from the moment we are born. Asking God to bring you the right people, the right situations, and the right healing modalities for your specific needs. Then looking for the answer. Praying in the moment, throughout the day for every little thing, creates a habit of interacting with the 4th dimension. This is part of putting your Spiritual house in order – of living the Pentagram. Clearing your spiritual channel so that you are open to receiving all the Power from the Divine that you need for yourself and for others.
Like the Strength card in the Tarot, we must learn to put God first and get all our worldly desires under His direction. We lead with our heart which is the expression of Spirit. Air: We align our thoughts with Spiritual Principles and give up gossip and social media and text bashing and negativity. Earth: Our work must be aligned with God – we cannot do work that completely violates who we say we are or what we believe in. We must also have a disciplined spiritual practice. We must eat, sleep, and physically practice spiritual principles. The people we hang out with and how we interact with them, the way we communicate, our home, our actions in the world, all of it. Fire: our passions must be aligned with God. We must align our passions so that they are an expression of God. Water: Are our emotions an expression of God? If we harbor resentment or fear or anger are we investigating it through spiritual principles? Perhaps our anger is justified and we need to stand up and speak out, for God. But resentment toward past mistakes or deeds done against us must be dealt with by correcting mistakes from the past and not repeating them. This is how we live so that our Inner Higher Self is at the wheel.

I am going to recommend this as your talisman – regarding your shadow work.

Talisman: I surrender to the Divine Spirit of Nature by which I am led to the Truth.

Activation Guide for Your New Talisman & Auragraph

Print the Auragraph with the Talisman embedded, or copy it from the computer screen. Color it in using writing implements and paper, not the computer, and hang it up somewhere where you will see it every day.
If you do not have a printer, you do not need the Auragraph – you can draw your own picture around the talisman, or not. It is not necessary.
Take the Talisman itself, and copy it by hand. It does not matter the accuracy – just that you use a writing implement and paper to copy it and then color it in rather than printing it out from your
Find in the Talisman all the letters of your statement of intention. You need find them only once, if they repeat.
Act as if you have already received your wish. Feel how it would feel in your heart.
Using your hand to draw, and not the computer, is essential to your success, because it will connect you
physically and spiritually to your Power, whereas the computer will block you. This is where you are
programming your Powerhouse, your Subconscious Mind, that this symbol means your positive
Next, hang the Talisman where you will see it every day – on the refrigerator, or behind the computer, or on the bathroom mirror.
Then, let go of the results. This might take some “doing”, but it has to be “done” if you are going to allow the Power to do It’s work. Your ego might be stuck on obsessing and trying to make things happen. If that is the case, decide that you will pray it away. Every time you start to obsess about the outcome, say “God please remove this” or “Spirit, please take this away” and then turn your thoughts to the present moment and try to find someone to help.
Service to others is the best remedy for getting out of your own way. Try to really help the person –meaning without an agenda of the outcome for them.
Your Subconscious mind is hard at work bringing you the object of your desire.
Remember, science has told us that we use only 15% of our brain – this is because the other 85% is the Subconscious Mind – and that uses symbols to communicate… The Subconscious Mind is the seat of your Higher Self and your connection with the Divine.
Big Corporations pay thousands of dollars to create symbols which they call “logos”, and they use a combination of color, imagery, and sound to enchant your Subconscious into believing that their
product will bring you the satisfaction you desire… So why do we not use this hidden knowledge for
ourselves? Well that’s what you are learning to do here.
Whatever may be standing in the way of you and finding your heart’s desire, will be brought to the surface to be dealt with, by the impression of the Talismanic symbology on your Subconscious Mind. The time-frame of “when” you will receive your wish is unknowable, but it will work. Just be patient.

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