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You have 2 Law Cards, 4 God cards and 3 mundane cards.

Let’s start with the God cards – You are being called to brain balance through the appearance of the sacred Masculine and the sacred Feminine. You can read about this in the booklet.

When both God and Gaia appear it is to tell you that both sides need to be balanced so that the Neocortex can function properly. Family and Community are a necessary and important part of your life, as support but you are carrying a Spiritual Burden from the past that you need to resolve.
Intimacy, Abundance, Secrets … You have all that you need – you can give of what you have to others without thought of reward – enlightened self-interest, and insodoing you will draw to you that partner… but there are secrets – which is probably attached to the spiritual burden – and in the Auragraph… shadow work. The presence of God and Gaia also pertains to being a carrier of the message of Natural Law – which is why you are in Autonomy – to learn to be one of the carriers of the Light.
The 2 Law Cards – The All and the Law of Vibration – since there are 2 Law cards – this is an important reading – because 2 showed up out of 36 cards. The All and the Law of Vibration – There is a detailed consideration of how to think about these Laws along with the other 6 Laws discussed in the Kybalion, in Appendix F. Briefly, this has to do with your mental state and keeping your vibration up. You might need to cleanse your mind of negative thought for which there is a very effective exercise in Appendix A.

These 2 cards are speaking specifically to the block – the spiritual burden and it’s effects. On p. 17 of the booklet there is a personal inventory described – perhaps that is what is needed to clear yourself of past Natural Law Violations…living in this world, we all have had Natural Law violations – and we are never taught how to amend them – so that we can clean our side of the street and keep it clean, but it’s in the booklet and how to maintain a clean side of the street so that we can stay under God’s care and protection through it all.

The Auragraph:
You sit in the arms of your Guardian. This means that you have a connection to your Higher Power and you can rest in that connection. You need to do more connecting – through meditation and prayer – more regularly. The booklet talks about this.
Your and your Guardian’s eyes are raised. This means that both you and your Guardian seek God as your Source.
The sun is behind your Guardian’s Head. Sunrise to Sunset. Referring back to the Sacred Masculine and Feminine from the Oracle reading – you must work on brain balance so your Neocortex can function properly.
12-Rays in the sun – The Hanged Man: This has to do with the Spiritual Burden – you are in limbo. You will not find that intimate relationship until you deal with this past situation. You have Shadow Work to do. The booklet discusses this and how to find it.
Your Hair is your Guardian’s Hair: This means that your intuition is rooted in your spiritual connection as is your history – or “her” story in this case.
There is a heart with an infinity sign: As we discussed – you have a connection to the Infinity sign which is connected to the Strength Card in the Tarot. Strength is about taming your passions. The placement within the heart has to do with the burden that you must resolve.
You are laying on your Right side. You are successful in manifesting in the world, so you can rest on your manifestation. This is the side that is the most accepted in the “world” as valuable – but it is empty unless it is balanced with full access to the Left side – the Sacred Feminine.
Facing and praying to the Left side. This is the side that needs care, focus and attention. This is the subconscious – the dark – birthing place of Life; the connection to the other realms. This is where you need work. In other words, you should go within and practice your creative – maybe as we discussed in our conversation – take those colored pencils in your left hand and doodle that “8” – meditate, pray regularly.
Your legs are both legs and the tail of a mermaid. Although you have a lot of Fire and Air – you also have your psychic side and that is the part that needs attention now.
Your legs/tail is under turbulent water. The emotional block from the past needs to be resolved – before you meet your partner.
There is a snake swimming from the Right to the Left on the water’s surface. The snake is the Shadow Work that needs to be done. Refer to the booklet to discover your Shadow Work through Meditation, or take the personal inventory to clear out your channel.

The snake is a sign of transformation because it sheds it’s skin and because it represents base desires because it slithers on the ground. In this case it swims on the surface of the water – this means that it is a surface splinter – it is easy to get out but it is painful and you have been avoiding it.

Swimming from Right to Left – once again – has to do with that you have been focused on making a living and you have done well but the part that is unbalanced is the spiritual side – and this unresolved issue from the past.

The Talisman I am going to suggest is


I surrender to God by which I am led to the Truth and a new freedom.


Activate the Talisman

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