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This is a very powerful reading, because there are 3 Law cards present, and 3 God cards, and then 3 mundane cards. If you think about it – there are only 36 cards in this deck and yet, 3 of the cards that show up here are Law cards – there are only 8 Law cards in the deck…

The Laws come from the Kybalion.
If you are not already familiar with the Kybalion, I suggest that you download a copy and read it. It is an anonymously published book from 1908 that basically puts down in writing the previously orated occulted knowledge of ancient Egypt that was hidden in the Ancient Mystery Schools of the Priest-Class. It originates from Thoth – Hermes Trysmegistus – The Emerald Tablets. I give you a link in the Bibliography at the back of the Booklet. Once again, a link to the booklet:

The Law of Correspondence is the 2nd Law.
As above so below; As within so without.

This means that everything I see outside of me, is inside of me. If I don’t like what’s going on in my life, I need to change something Spiritually. This does not mean “I” am going to do the changing, however. It means that I am going to do the spiritual shadow work necessary to bring the mess to God, The Creator, and ask Him to change me.

The Spiritual plane is causal. So this means that if things are not going well in my life, I am out of alignment with Natural Law (Spiritual) principles. In the booklet on page 18, it talks about Natural Law Transgressions and goes into detail to bring these home to you – we all transgress Natural Law without close adherence and watchfulness and because the world is teaching that in every area it is difficult to stay on the path. On p. 24 is that Shadow Work I gave you – all the directions to it and in Appendix C it gives the background material on that work, so you can understand the whole thing. I am available to help you with it, as I have been doing Shadow Work in that way for 30 years.

This is also about negativity and positivity. What is in your mind is manifested in your world. The power of the spoken word and also “thoughts are things”. So clearing negative thoughts is very important, but it may not be possible until the Shadow Work is done.

This is also about learning. What happens in the microcosm – your life- can teach you about what goes on in the world. The Law of Correspondence means that we live in a Fractal universe, meaning that, for example, what happens between you and your kids is what happens in our government, for example – slave-driving psychopathic hierarchy breeds contempt and rebellion – disciplined freedom leads to well-rounded adults. This is true in every level of life.

The Law of Vibration is the 3rd Law.
Everything moves, nothing is still, everything vibrates.
Again, referring to the booklet pages – the remedy for the Natural Law transgressions will raise your vibration exponentially. The idea is that we must raise our vibration in the most mundane aspects of our lives in order to be of service during this time and to live happily.

Take the story of Jesus walking on water. Jesus had the ability to recognize God the Creator as a loving Spirit that can create and change any substance. He understood the Laws of the Universe and He also understood that His prayer fulfills the laws – He was able to keep His mind focused on God the Creator and as a result He could walk on water… Peter tried it – and as long as he could stare at Jesus he could walk on water, but he second he looked down at his feet, he lost the connection and fell in the water. That is a perfect analogy of us – we have to build that spiritual muscle through prayer and affirmative mantra to change our thoughts to the positive and then hold our thoughts there. We must do daily review of our conduct in order to keep the cobwebs and lint out of our channel. If we cause harm to others, we must fix it right away.

The Law of Polarity is the 4th Law.
Everything has it’s poles; it’s pair of opposites.
This means that hot and cold are the same vibration – its just the matter of their degree. They are both temperature and it is relative as to what is cold and and what is hot. To a person, such as yourself,living in AZ when the temperature drops to 60 degrees, that may feel cold to you, whereas someone living in SD might wear shorts and a t-shirt when it gets to be 60 degrees outside after a long winter of below zero temps. Therefore, your judgment of the temperature being “hot” or “cold” – your thought about it – has a great deal of bearing on your experience. Once again – this goes back to the 1st Law which is not represented in this reading, but which is, The All is Mental. Our responsibility here is to reign in our thoughts and get them to pull our carriage, not allow them to run us off the road and into accident after accident…you can follow that analogy, of course? Prayer is a great solution to this – and mantra – “I am not allowed to think about any negative outcomes, therefore, when I am disturbed I say “Divine Love is doing It’s perfect work in my life now and all is well.” or some such mantra that you believe, over and over until your thoughts come back into alignment.” This includes self-righteous indignation toward other people’s behavior, etc Perhaps we may have to think about certain behaviors we see going on outside of ourselves, but quickly we must turn our thoughts away from the negative by stating “God will take care of this situation” as we internally surrender and feel that physically.

What this implies is that you can apply the law of vibration to the law of polarity in your positive thinking – it is not just a trick you are playing on your brain, but it is in fact, the TRUTH. In addition, the Master can use the Law of Polarity to raise their vibration above the ups and downs, for example, and rise into a state of neutrality – how? Practice and living by Natural Law – adhering to it.

The other thing to know about the Law of Polarity is that the media wants to polarize us into the right or left brain. Most of us creative types are polarized into the right brain – and become unable to stand up for ourselves. Most logical types are polarized into the left brain and they become more prone to violence. Our job is to achieve brain balance. When our brain is balanced then the neo-cortex – the new brain can function properly. This is discussed in detail in the Booklet.

Your Moon and Jupiter are in Aquarius, as per the chart, at… This means that you need to be able to have your Freedom to do whatever you want all the time, but also you want this for others. Hence the Freedom card shows up. But you are a Crossroads – and your Freedom is in jeopardy because of your Faith (Dog, Loyalty). Back to where you focus your energy and thoughts. To maintain your freedom you must take control of your mental space. It’s a practice. First you clear away the wreckage that comes from living by self-will, then you make reparations for harms caused others and yourself and then you follow God’s will for you. Simple but not easy – a price has to be paid. The destruction of self-centeredness. It is a Paradox – the more “other” centered our lives are, the more Freedom we actually have. But it can’t be “other” centered in a self-deprecating way either. You have to take care of yourself SO THAT you can take care of others. Balance.

Endings, Obstacle, Spiritual Burden. Something is coming to an end. If you are determined to stay in your marriage then what must end is how you think. It is a spiritual trial. Many have accomplished it before you but it requires great mental discipline and a reliance upon God, not the partner. There is an obstacle in your path – and it is a Spiritual Burden. I believe the Auragraph talks more about that.


You are a mermaid, as you know. This is due to your sensitivity and how your emotions rule you. Once again, this is your work to do, as stated in the Natural Law Oracle – you must take hold of your thoughts and this will bring your emotions into balance. At this point, once you have accomplished this, you will no longer be ruled by your emotions and you can live in a state of Neutrality, safe and protected which you will guard because you will be able to be so much more productive. The waters that you are in right now are tumultuous. One day you are up, the next day down – and it seems that you don’t know why – but it is your thoughts. Your thoughts, running behind the scenes, thoughts that you are familiar with that seem comfortable to you because you have been having them for so long, are what is causing your emotional difficulty. In the past, you have used action toward helping other people to rise above your emotions – and this works – but in the end you inevitably come home to the same comfortable, negative thoughts and so then it does not matter how many good deeds you perform because underneath you are still telling yourself the same bad news to yourself – and because you learned this in the first 7 years of your existence here on Earth, you believe them over all else. They MUST be eradicated!

The setting of the picture is that the Sun is on the Left and the Moon is on the Right. That means that this reading is mean to be a meditation in which you imagine yourself in the setting – and then the Sun will return to the Right and the Moon on the Left. You can use this Auragraph as template to realize yourself in the spiritual circumstances. The left side is the feminine receptive side and the right side is the masculine manifestation side. You are in the receptive side looking toward manifestation. Healing must be accomplished before you will be able to manifest fully.

You have an Angel who is of your Ancestral Heritage watching over you. This is the source of the spiritual burden in the oracle reading. That you were not allowed to BE who you are from birth. Your parents were missionaries, so that, the simple free life of your people was denied to you and this holier-than-thou (albeit well-intentioned) religion was imposed upon them (and you). The result of this was a diaspora. I use this word because the word diaspora is used to refer to the mass dispersion of a population from its indigenous territory and that is what happened to you. You were indigenous to Kikuyu and yet your own parents told you through their actions that who you are is wrong. Indigenous people find their own relationship with their Creator through their own experience and then self-righteous religious zealots come in and tell them they are wrong for who they are and set about the conversion process. This is what happened to you and it is why deep down in your roots, your thoughts are that you are wrong. These are thoughts which must be eradicated.

In the drawing, your Guardian’s hair is natural – and perhaps it is over-emphasized in her ceremonial dress in it’s wild nature. You, however, are wearing a wig or have straightened your hair in some way, thereby hiding your true spiritual nature, or twisting it and changing it to match what you believe to be “fashion” or “beautiful”. To fashion, means in it’s etymology, to “make up”. As does the word “make-up” mean – to create or to invent… which means us humans taking over God’s job. God is the Creator and we are the Creation. God made you the way you are and placed you in the Kikuyu Tribe and you were then told that was wrong and given shame of your heritage and you must reclaim it in order to feel whole. Although Her Ancestor may be Isis, she herself has Power in Her own right and it would behoove you to find out who these Spirits are in order to connect with them. All you have to do is meditate, then ask for the Higher Light Spirits of your Ancestral Lineage in Africa to come in and reveal themselves. You could read online if you want but this is an inside job and She is just waiting for you to ask for her help.

It is a powerful lesson for you to learn to seek the direction of the Creator and then follow His direction and not try to direct Him to do your will. This is another life lesson for you.

Your Angel holds in her left hand, a snake – the Shadow Work. This is discussed in the booklet on page 4. Also in the booklet on page 18 is the method that I began to give you for how to bring your Shadow into the light. In her right hand, she fondles your hair. Hair also represents “history” or “her story” thus once again reiterating the fact that your root trouble has to do with your allegiance to your people and owning that as part of your life today.

Your left hand holds a heart and your right hand pulls from your Angel’s right heel. This is the manifestation side and this work is going to be done in order for you to manifest your full potential. “Heel” is the same phonetic sound as “Heal”. In reflexology, the heel on the sole of the foot is the Pelvis, the Sciatic Nerve; the pelvis of course encompasses the genitalia, reproductive organs, anus, and urethra. So the suggestion is that you will have to heal your feminine side through your Heritage. Also, Her vaginal opening is right at your Crown Chakra. This suggests that Her birth energy is connected to your receptivity of Spirit. It also suggests that your sexuality is intertwined with your faith and any shame that you have from your experience here on Earth regarding sexuality and your beingness of womanhood, blocks your faith. There is a lot for you to connect with here. In your left hand you hold a heart which is connected to her heart that she has above her left shoulder – both are outside your bodies – which suggests work for you to feel the love you have for your Heritage, yourself, and your Source and where you come from through your actual Heart. This is a Heart Chakra opening. Is your mother from this culture also? Sometimes we inherit our mother’s wounds through their inability to give and receive love.

You must work with your womb – this is the area of your connection to Spirit – perhaps through Vaginal Steaming which involves boiling herbs in water and then sitting over the steam and alloying it into your womb – and clearing your intestines – everything to do with this area of your body – as in the drawing your entire reproductive area is hidden – to clean it out and make a channel for you as a connection to your Spiritual Guides to birth you a new connected Self.

On the right side there is an opening flower bud reaching toward the Sun. This represents your Spiritual Awakening. You are not through it yet. You have begun it but it’s not over. It will continue through your lifetime with a series of surrenders.

Your hair has 3 spiral tendrils – which represent the Trinity – mind, body, and spirit which translates into thoughts>emotions>actions. Our thoughts (the Father), hence the connection to prayer as becoming a working part of the mind>spawn our emotions (Holy Spirit) which if filled with inspiration of the Spirit lead to inspired Action (the Son).

I am going to recommend that the talisman be one that inspires you to become more and more dependent upon the Creator, but through your ancestral lineage, so in order to help you make that connection to Her, I would suggest your talisman state “Through my loving connection to my Spiritual Ancestors of the Kikuyu, I am healed, and my dependence upon the Creator becomes solidified.” If you do not like this idea, please talk to me about it and I will make you a different Talisman.


“Through my loving connection to my Spiritual Ancestors of the Kikuyu, I am healed, and my dependence upon the Creator becomes solidified.”

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