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The Law of Rhythm is the highest card in the reading; followed by the Spirituality and Masculine God Card, The Sun and the Higher Knowledge Card – Autumn and Crossroads indicates an ending leading to a change – a letting go of the old ways of staying in the mundanity of self-will and keeping secrets. Wild Heart indicates that your heart and soul are soothed in Nature and you must go out there and hug trees, walk barefoot to maintain groundedness, daily…

The Law of Rhythm: the 5th Law; “Everything flows out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right, is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.”– The Kybalion

Adherence to the Earth’s cycles creates a balanced life and can be so difficult to do when we live in these modern times, which is why it is nice that we are starting our group work here on Discord, however there there are inner rhythm’s which might need an act of Will to even them out – mood swings – what goes up must come down. The alchemists tried to find a way to use the Laws themselves to counteract each other for spiritual growth and to overcome emotional upset – to rise into a state of Neutrality. The attainment of this ability is called the Philosoper’s Stone. Many of them were able to use their will to apply positive thought to balance themselves.

I refer here to the 7 day Mental Diet, by Emmet Fox which I include in Appendix A & Appendix E (for continuing). But some people require more help than that – some people require a vital spiritual experience and then constant prayer and meditation, reparations for harms caused, as well as daily taking-stock and continuous helpfulness to others to maintain that balance.

Many of us who experienced trauma find ourselves with extreme emotions that we don’t know how to deal with, and in early years we turn to external solutions which turn out to not be solutions in the end. It is also possible that we might have turned to those methods anyway because familialy we host a spiritual parasite which demands that we stay in a state of euphoria and then plummet into a state of withdrawal and depletion – a rollercoaster ride. This is an aberrant state. But because of brain development and excessive drama as well as our family dis-ease, Neutrality seems boring. At some point we grow weary of this lifestyle and seek the calm waters of neutrality… That is the basis of this reading – you still have deep within you a spiritual hole that you are filling with externals and it is time for you to realize the need for neutrality.

I have provided a method on p. 18 of the booklet, to get people back into alignment with Natural Law…but there are many roads to home.

Although you have done much work on the trauma aspect, there is still more work to be done. You are a crossroads. The old way of doing all this yourself – using self-will, keeping secrets, and secretly solving them on your own, is coming to an end. You have charted your Course – meaning that because you have put your work out into the world it is now time that you grow Spiritually to the next level.

It is time for you to put Spirit at the helm rather than your self-will. You must seek a relationship with God – the Creator – whatever you want to call It – the Source… You drew the Spirituality Card and the Masculine God Card – meaning that you must find a way to tame the wild urges of mental, emotional, security and passions under the Spiritual. This requires a process of alignment with Natural Law – and cleaning up the errors of the past made during the time of living as self-will unleashed. Those who are traumatized traumatize – it’s not “wrong” perse – but we are nescient for a time and while we are in that we wreak havoc on our fellows. Those actions have to be brought back into balance…broken hearts and promises must be amended. As long as we go without making those wrongs right, we suffer the consequences of the Universe making them for us through missed opportunities and mishaps. Once we own up to what we have done, we come back into alignment with Natural Law and we live in a magical world of answered prayers and miracles.

The reading suggests that Higher Esoteric Knowledge is to be sought. It is now time for you to find access to the full-on Power that will vanquish your need to quell your angst with human solutions. It is Shadow Work but it is beyond the work you have already done.

This is confirmed by your Astrology: Sun and Venus in Sagittarius… Aries Rising – you have a charismatic personality which will make you a good teacher because you have a natural ability to attract others but Aries rising will make you a fighter so allowing your vulnerable side to come out will be a challenge. The best teachers lead by example, but your Aries rising can stand in the way of your being vulnerable with others. Your Mercury in Capricorn means that your communication will be methodical and organized but you have Moon is Cancer which is psychic ability. You must learn to blend these with your own experience – the spiritual transmission of your own experience – rather than teaching others things you are not doing yourself.

You can look into this fully at for free.

The Auragraph:

You are in the arms of your Guardian, safe and protected. The setting: the Sun is on the left and the moon on the right, which means that you have work to do in balancing the 2 sides. It also refers to the reading as a meditation. In order to get the full result, you can sit in meditation and imagine yourself in the position of the drawing and feel the arms of your Creator about you, to feel the visceral energy of that and the healing. I make God my father and relieve my earthly parents of their roles, because they were so deeply flawed that I need Spiritual Guardians in order to feel safe and protected in the world.

Your Guardian’s right hand holds a winged heart. The right wing is down and the left wing is up. The winged heart pertains to the Holy Spirit and your Calling in this world. The Left wing down, Right wing up, once again indicates and imbalance in your calling saying that the masculine left side needs more development.

**The Holy Spirit in the Trinity **– but from the idea of Thoughts (The Father), Emotions (The Holy Spirit), Actions (The Son). All must be congruent in order to have Serenity within. The emotions are connected to the Intuition. In this case you have developed the Feminine Side to great strength but the Masculine side is lacking. This harkens back to the Oracle reading in which the Sun Card, Masculine Creator – appears – you are out of balance and need more weight in the Masculine manifestation side of things and the ability to stand up for yourself. You know all about this brain thing from your Trauma course, and I added some of it into my booklet. Usually, creative types who grow up in dysfunction become polarized in the left or the right brain. In your case, you are polarized in the right brain and therefore have a hard time standing up for yourself, although with Aries rising, this should come easily to you. Perhaps you have turned your Aries rising in on yourself and beat yourself up, which causes great angst and fear deep inside. This is why positive thought and not allowing yourself to talk that way to yourself would be a good recipe.

The Angel’s arm crosses over your nose and mouth… this shows, back to the Oracle Reading, the affirmation of you needing to give your self-will over to a Higher Power to run your life – so that you breathe and speak from the Higher Dimensions. This would solve your fear problem.

The Pentacle is an ancient symbol meaning that the Spiritual rules over the other 4 bodies – the physical body, the emotional body, the intellectual body and the passion body – all those bodies come under the Spiritual control. Know Thyself is the answer to that question – to be able to contain the erratic and often opposing forces of those other 4 bodies under the spiritual takes an act of Will. You understand that the Will is Spiritual – it is the cause and what appears in the physical is the effect. To align oneself with Spiritual Principles – Natural Law – keeps one out of the fray or unprincipled action – nihilism – we see perpetrated upon us by the media and tell-lie-vision and in the world. Many people are living in the virtual reality, but Nature is still there, pristine and undisturbed by human templates.

Understanding all this, the reverse pentagram is simply when the Spiritual Head is driven into the earth and the 4 bodies rule through base desire. Hedonism. Happiness is the result of unselfish constructive action.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience and our main problem in human form is selfishness. We live in a world in which our efforts to be the best we can be and find and live our purpose, are thwarted from the moment we are born. Asking God to bring you the right people, the right situations, and the right healing modalities for your specific needs. Then looking for the answer. Praying in the moment, throughout the day for every little thing, creates a habit of interacting with the 4th dimension. This is part of putting your Spiritual house in order – of living the Pentagram. Clearing your spiritual channel so that you are open to receiving all the Power from the Divine that you need for yourself and for others.

Like the Strength card in the Tarot, we must learn to put God first and get all our worldly desires under His direction. We lead with our heart which is the expression of Spirit. Air: We align our thoughts with Spiritual Principles and give up gossip and social media and text bashing and negativity. Earth: Our work must be aligned with God – we cannot do work that completely violates who we say we are or what we believe in. We must also have a disciplined spiritual practice. We must eat, sleep, and physically practice spiritual principles. The people we hang out with and how we interact with them, the way we communicate, our home, our actions in the world, all of it. Fire: our passions must be aligned with God. We must align our passions so that they are an expression of God. Water: Are our emotions an expression of God? If we harbor resentment or fear or anger are we investigating it through spiritual principles? Perhaps our anger is justified and we need to stand up and speak out, for God. But resentment toward past mistakes or deeds done against us must be dealt with by correcting mistakes from the past and not repeating them. This is how we live so that our Inner Higher Self is at the wheel.

There is a snake moving from Right to Left on Her arm… Shadow Work needs to be done. This is discussed in the Oracle reading regarding the Self-Will and the Secrets. You have done a lot of Shadow Work to be sure regarding the Trauma stuff, but there is more to do as it says. You are at a Crossroads and it is time to move into the Higher Realms. The snake’s ability to shed it’s skin is a symbol of Transformation, and it slithers on the ground which represents base desires that must be given over to the Higher Power. We must always sacrifice for enlightenment – offer our misaligned instincts to God to be repurposed for unselfish gain.

Your right hand is on your Guardian’s right arm – indicating affirmation of your connection to Spirit as Source. We all know this. We know that to gain access to all power we have to surrender our little “w” will to the Higher “Will” but knowing it and doing it are 2 different things and we will often go on and on trying to avoid it- or not even knowing how to do it.

Prayer – a simple request to the Inner is all that is required – you will be led through signs to how. Your Naval Chakra is spinning. This has to do with the family being the source of your path. Your Guardian has her left hand over your left hand over your Naval. You are not alone in the process. Living life as a human is a Spiritual Path. It is a vision quest and it often starts out with horrible beginnings to spend the rest of the quest overcoming.

You are sitting with your left leg up and your right leg folded. Again this reiterates what has already been said about the amount of work you have put in to your Feminine side. You need more work in your manifestation side and this is going to require a spiritual connection in order for you to stand up on your feet and be balanced. You are above the clouds however, so you know what you need to do, it’s just a matter of doing it.

Bare feet and eyes raised shows reverence to the Higher Power and humility. In conclusion, getting back into alignment with Natural Law will give you a connection to God which will solve your problem. There is only one problem in life, disconnection from God – because connection to the Spiritual Source always has an answer for every situation under the Sun. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Don’t let your familial religion get in the way of your having a necessary spiritual awakening. Much in “organized” religion has been obfuscated but much of it has it’s origins in Truth.

The talisman I feel like I need to make for you is:
I surrender to God and I ask for God’s will in every decision I make by which I am led to the Truth and Spiritual Embodyment.

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