An Auragraph and Talisman With A Specific Focus

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The Law of Rhythm is the Law Card in this reading: It is about natural cycles; ebb and flow, the moon cycles, the seasons, menses if you still have that, what goes up must come down, staying neutral to avoid the ebb part of the flow or getting into a different flow of expansion once your in the ebb part of the process; techniques to do that are described in Appendix F of the booklet.

However, it is recommended here to get back to Nature’s natural rhythms and follow them to get your download. For example – do your sigil activation on the New Moon or Waxing Moon or on the Full Moon because you have been already working on a beginning in this project and you want it to come to fruition…a new moon would suggest starting from scratch – at the beginning and a waxing or full moon would suggest finishing that which you started. Go with your feelings.

There is an obstacle in your path – causing confusion. You are at a crossroads – this has to do with attaching that which you are passionate about to that which gives you Freedom which is Natural Law and leaving Man’s Law behind. Loyalty to the Mother – Nature. Dog is God spelled backward – God, the Sun or the Force of life, is the male aspect of Nature and the Earth is the feminine aspect. Embracing Intuition, the Feminine Principle; Meditation, and directly asking for help from the combined Father Mother brain balance – going out there in the woods or the go to a tree and hug the tree and ask for help through prayer. This is discussed in the booklet also – prayer and looking for the answers through signs.

The obstacle may be what has been blocking you that the Talisman will bring up. We shall see.

Here is a link to the booklet:


You are sitting in the arms of your Guardian.
Her right hand strokes your head. So you are manifesting from the Spirit World – you know how to write songs and sing and get in the zone – you are proficient at doing that with your craft –
Her left hand holds your calling. Your teaching and this book project lies deep in your subconscious.
The heart with wings over your heart is your calling.
You are holding your calling with both hands. Both your Guardian’s eyes and your eyes are raised to the Creator as the reverential Force.
The left wing is hidden and the right wing is fully exposed. You are used to carrying your message to the world as a singer but this new endeavor requires you to go deep within your self and find a new way to express yourself.
You sit on your left side, exposing your right – so you are completely supported by your Creative source – although for this project you feel disconnected because it is unfamiliar to you the way to access it.
You feel disconnected, but you are not disconnected. You just have not yet figured out how to surrender to the process and let it flow, and you have been trying to use your logical mind to express it and it is falling flat.
You are barefoot. Humility
There is a flowering vine that springs from the earth, and is sewn into the fabric of your being and then it comes alive in your hand as it is rooted into the earth. This suggests that physically moving in Nature or yoga might trigger the new creative attachment.
The sun is behind at Noon– high in the sky. This reiterates the message of going within to find this new connection – going into the dark. You are very much a person who is in the Light of the Sun a lot but perhaps feels uncomfortable going into the dark- but because you are left handed you have that advantage – journaling in Nature could bring the download on.
The Guardian’s right wing is bigger than the left wing. This shows that your obstacle has to do with your connection to your Feminine side… you need a stronger connection to your feminine self through the Silence – through intuition, meditation, perhaps through prayer and contact with God – or Nature; Gaia. Perhaps through singing – through going into the zone and receiving when you are in the sweet spot of your gift. You could also try a completely different method of creative expression like Intuitive Painting to tap into this new form of expression.

You wish to receive this download, however in order to do so, you may need to strengthen your connection and get quieter within yourself to hear the still, small, voice within… which is the Source of all Creative endeavor…


Talisman: I am the one and only channel of this specialized technique for vocal expression and I receive it as a download.

Activate the Talisman

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